Monday, October 28, 2013


Yes, it's Halloween week here on my blog and fun stuff is in store for all! Today I have a picture post to show how I got festive over the weekend.

M and I traveled all over town trying to find a place that had a good selection of pumpkins and we finally found some at a grocery store. I had a little bit of a hard time picking mine because they were all a little too perfect and I like to get the funky shaped once, I finally settled on a tall and flat sided pumpkin that I named Fred. We got home and went to work carving in the middle of the kitchen. I'm kind of a pumpkin carving master in that I can get the inside of my pumpkin completely rid of goop and the sides scraped clean in a matter of minutes. I had to help both of my sisters with the inside of theirs! I carved Fred to look like he'd just been in a fight, you can't really see in the picture but I made stitches too :). M did hers classic and E didn't feel like finishing so we took over Miss Chippy and gave her some full lips and luscious eye lashes.
Fred, O'Neil and Miss Chippy

Fred chilling in the cart
After carving M and I wanted to make a nice fall dinner so it would be ready when my mom got off of work, we did not feel like going out again so we through together soup, potato dish and cornbread for ingredients we already had. The soup kind of got away from us since we didn't really realize that rice expands and added too much and then needed more broth and so on until we had enough soup to feed a small army. Ah well, leftovers.
The dining room table all set to eat!
Happy Monday!

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