Thursday, October 3, 2013

Daydream Believer

I daydream a lot. A LOT. I love it actually. I can specifically remember my first elaborate daydream. I was 12 and recovering from surgery, I was at home waiting for my family to be ready to leave for a fair. I was laying on the couch and feeling miserable, I started to imagine, piece by piece, what my house would look like when I was older. Then I carefully decorated each of my kids rooms and finally conjured up images of everyone in my family and imagined what a day would be like. I cannot even describe the joy that this brought me, suddenly I had something to do and figuratively somewhere else to be. To this day I still daydream about that house and my family and I'll just go through holidays or normal days with my future kids. It's weird, I know it is but I love it.

I developed several other reoccurring daydreams over the years, if I just let my mind wonder it automatically goes to myself or some other unknown girl turning onstage at a dance competition, or I'll imagine a gymnast doing giants on the uneven bars. Those are just quick things I'll think of as I'm falling asleep or losing focus. For longer and more boring moments such as Ethics class (ugh) I'll imagine myself at the Olympic trials or one of my stories being made into a movie and who I would cast.

I think I'll always be a daydreamer and I don't think it's a bad thing. As long as they don't hinder everyday life (and they don't! Just Ethics...:).

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