Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!!!

From me to you! I'm off to speech class and then M is coming to get me. Check out what I picked up for the party tonight...
2 giant sheets of rice crispy treats that we're going to use cookie cutters to make into pumpkin shapes. Super cute! And behold my Halloween nails! The purple was weird and hard to paint so they look messy. Oh well.

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ghosts of Halloween Past

I posted this last year and thought it was fun so here it is again, updated and revised!

6 Months: Bunny
1 Year: Daisy
2 Years: Devil
3 Years: Ballerina
4 Years: Tinkerbell
5 Years: Charmelion (the pokemon)
6 Years: Butterfly
7 Years: Medieval Princess
8 Years: Hillbilly Cowgirl (hilarious and homemade)
9 Years: Stop Light (also homemade by my dad!)
10 Years: British Royal Guard (homemade and very real looking)
11 Years: Mexican Clown (thrown together and accidentally terrifying)
12 Years: Geisha
13 Years: Black Cat (LAME)
14 Years: Headless/Pumpkin Head
15 Years: Not sure what to call it but M and I coordinated and had masks/capes/spray painted outfits, very cool.
16 Years: Repeat of the year before, costume was just too awesome.
17 Years: Cheetah
18 Years: Funky glasses with fake nose and a pumpkin beanie
19 Years: To be decided, I want to do something fun though!

There you have it, my Halloween costume past!

Monday, October 28, 2013


Yes, it's Halloween week here on my blog and fun stuff is in store for all! Today I have a picture post to show how I got festive over the weekend.

M and I traveled all over town trying to find a place that had a good selection of pumpkins and we finally found some at a grocery store. I had a little bit of a hard time picking mine because they were all a little too perfect and I like to get the funky shaped once, I finally settled on a tall and flat sided pumpkin that I named Fred. We got home and went to work carving in the middle of the kitchen. I'm kind of a pumpkin carving master in that I can get the inside of my pumpkin completely rid of goop and the sides scraped clean in a matter of minutes. I had to help both of my sisters with the inside of theirs! I carved Fred to look like he'd just been in a fight, you can't really see in the picture but I made stitches too :). M did hers classic and E didn't feel like finishing so we took over Miss Chippy and gave her some full lips and luscious eye lashes.
Fred, O'Neil and Miss Chippy

Fred chilling in the cart
After carving M and I wanted to make a nice fall dinner so it would be ready when my mom got off of work, we did not feel like going out again so we through together soup, potato dish and cornbread for ingredients we already had. The soup kind of got away from us since we didn't really realize that rice expands and added too much and then needed more broth and so on until we had enough soup to feed a small army. Ah well, leftovers.
The dining room table all set to eat!
Happy Monday!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Oh What a Week

This week was really successful. I got an A on my psychology test and I think I did pretty well on Ethics too. I wrote 2 papers and got to hang out with my old roommate and other girls from my floor! I can't wait to go home tomorrow though, I get to babysit MFF and even though I have to work on Saturday, I'm still happy for time at home. Currently, I'm feeling sort of sick to my stomach so of course I'm beyond freaked out. Oh I pray I don't get sick

In other news I finished another by one of my favorite authors, I'll be adding it to my book page soon. My (modified) goal is to surpass the amount of books I read last year, bring it on! I also knitted myself a hat yesterday, I used a loom and it's super easy. I'm going to wear it to M's car tomorrow and surprise her with my craftiness.

Alright, I'm about to go and make some Halloween stuff to add to the card I bought C. I miss her!

Monday, October 21, 2013

This and That!

I had a busy but great weekend. I started de-cluttering and sort of redecorating my room a few weeks ago and I'm almost complete. When I'm done I'll post some before and after pictures on the blog. I also completed my final Church membership class. I just have to fill out some papers and go through the procedures and I will be recognized in front of the congregation (along with 7 other people) in the middle of December. I can't wait! I went through the classes about 4 years ago and M became a member but I wasn't really ready. I'm already looking forward to this weekend because I get to babysit MFF on Friday and maybe Saturday. The downside is I have to work Saturday morning but I'll get through it.

In other news, I'm really excited for Halloween. It's on a Thursday but M is going to come and get me so I can partake in the little party we're hosting at our house. My moms side of the family is coming (cute babies!) and El is coning! I cannot wait to see her! I couldn't miss out on that :).

This week I have a good deal to accomplish. I have to take my psychology test on Wednesday, my Ethics test on Thursday, finish a rough draft of my psychology paper, begin my persuasive speech and start reading for Human Cultures. Oh and I want to finish reading two books...

Happy Monday!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013



Plans to change my major yet again to psychology. Plans to enroll in spring classes in one week and one day. Plans to apply to schools closer to home for next year. Plans to begin yet another new season in life.


Plans to see Claire as soon as she comes home for Thanksgiving since I'm not able to visit her this weekend. Plans to possibly go and visit her in the spring during our family vacation. Plans to go back to the same beach we went to when I was 14.


Plans to try and make some new friends. Plans to go watch SVU with some girls on my floor tonight. Plans to meet my news years goal of making 2 new friends. Plans to "put myself out there" more.


Gods plans. Gods plans for me that I don't even know yet. Gods plans that will satisfy and fulfill me if I let them. Gods plan to lead me to the place I am meant to be in life.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What Could Have Been and What Wouldn't Have Been

Today is pregnancy and infant loss remembrance day. I know about this primarily because my favorite family had a little boy who passed away just days after being born prematurely. I always remember their baby on this day but I also remember the two babies that my mom lost to miscarriage. One before me and one after me. My mom said that if it hadn't been for these miscarriages she would have probably ended up having four kids. So that theoretically means that I would have had another older sister and a younger sister that wasn't E. How crazy is that? It makes you wonder what kind of people those babies would have grown up to be. Maybe one of them would look like me, the oddball of the family, maybe I would be super close with them like I am with M. You know what I just realized? I wrote older sister and younger sister above...I guess I'm so used to the idea of having sisters I haven't even thought that those babies could have been boys. I' never used to want brothers but lately I totally could see myself with a little brother. It's hard to imagine my family being different than it is. As much as I sometimes wish E would go to boarding school or something, I certainly would never want life without her. It really comes back to Gods plan for our family. We were meant to have 3 girls, if those babies had lived we wouldn't have E and I might be a whole different person. If my favorite family hadn't lost their son they might not have little K. It's such a hard thing to think about, that if you hadn't lost one child you wouldn't have another.

So, today I remember baby M and I remember the two siblings that I will get to meet someday in heaven. That makes me excited for that day!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Maybe, Maybe Not

Oh happy day! There is a possibility that M and I could be going to visit Claire next weekend. It all depends on money and hotel availability but it very well may happen and I am stoked!
I miss you Claire!!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

I'm Not in Control

I always think I have everything figured out, that I know exactly what my body is going to do. Well, turns out I don't. I still feel like a cold may rear it's ugly head any morning now but I'm feeling alright on the whole. I am so thankful not to be sick right now, I have some stuff to get done today. Including an emergency laundry trip because E's band shirt accidentally ended up in my bag and she needs it clean for the football game on Friday. Oops, she was not pleased. I also get to find out how I did on my speech today and I'm hoping I got an A, I really felt good about it.

The picture at the top is of my nails (surprise surprise) my RA organized a floor manicure session that I thought I wouldn't be able to go to because I'd be sick but I wasn't so, yay! I never paint my nails and I'm pretty bad at it but I tried. It was nice getting to know the other girls on my floor, I am really hoping and praying to form a friendship with some of them.
I may blog again later on, I have something I want to write about but I don't know the outcome yet. Sorry to be cryptic.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Gymnastics Memoirs: Reviewed *Updated*

Since January I've read 3 gymnast memoirs and I loved them all in different ways. I've been wanting to review them so here goes! I'm going in the order in which I read them.

1. Grace, Gold and Glory (my leap of faith) by Gabrielle Douglas

If I'm being honest, this is probably the book I enjoyed the least. I love Gabby and I love her faith and her focus but I wish the book would have been more about her time leading up to the Olympics and her personal thoughts and less about her childhood. Now, I totally get that she would want to include her whole life into her book and not just he past few years but I think I would have liked it more had she went more in depth about her Olympic journey. I loved reading about her relationship with her host family and her troubles with being away from home. The inside cover of the book folds out into a neat poster and there are color pictures in the middle of the text.

2. Winning Balance by Shawn Johnson
I really loved this book! I think it had a great balance of life in the gym and outside. I didn't know that Shawn was a woman of faith until reading this and that really made me smile. This book takes you from her childhood to her present and you get to follow her through switching gyms to the Olympics and to Hollywood. Her Olympic experience was really well chronicled, she definitely wrote about it the best. I really was able to picture her there and understand her thoughts and feelings. I thought that the portion after the Olympics would be dull but it actually wasn't, even though she struggled to find her place outside the gym at first, she ends up feeling "balanced" once again. This book also includes pictures, which I love!

3. Off Balance by Dominique Moceanu
This book was different from the other two in that it was much more raw and Dominique's life had a lot more turmoil. This was an awesome read. I was given a look into her family history and taken all the way to her life now as a wife and mother. It was so enchanting to read about Dominique's life as a tiny 14 year old in the Olympics and yet to know that her life behind closed doors was much less glamorous. I really enjoyed the honesty in this book, I had no idea how political the sport of gymnastics was and how this became clear to Dominique when she was trying to make her comeback. Even with all the drama, there is still plenty of gymnastics in here. The Olympic portions were vivid and I liked reading about her relationships with the other girls. And, the book had pictures in it too!

4. Letters to a Young Gymnast by Nadia Comaneci
I have to be really honest, I didn't love this book. I'm not even sure if I liked it. The first half was hard to get though and to be frank, Nadia rubbed me the wrong way. It was as if she had never done anything wrong in her life and she was perfect in every way. Sometimes it even felt as though she was being rude to the reader. There wasn't a whole lot of gymnastics talk in here, there was some of course but a lot of the book was about her life in Romania. The second half or last quarter was much better than the first it was intriguing to read about Nadia's escape from her home country and a more human side of her was exposed as she wrote of her hard transition to America. I liked that we did get some history and background in this book but I had a really hard time warming up to Nada and so the book itself wasn't very enjoyable. There were no pictures!


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Decline

I am so angry right now because I'm getting sick again and from what I can guess, it's another cold. My second in two weeks. Literally I cannot handle having colds, they annoy me so much. I'm really not looking forward to waking up tomorrow feeling miserable but I know that's what's going to happen. I just need to get through the thick of it and hopefully feel better by Saturday because I have to work that morning and then go to our family reunion. If I'm predicting correctly, the worst of it will be tomorrow and Thursday with still some bad on Friday. So Saturday *should* find me feeling almost back to normal. I can only hope and pray!

In other news I got through my speech today without dying! I was so nervous as I really don't like speaking but today I was able to overcome it as I began talking and by the end I wasn't nervous at all!

Here's to hoping I miraculously recover

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Daydream Believer

I daydream a lot. A LOT. I love it actually. I can specifically remember my first elaborate daydream. I was 12 and recovering from surgery, I was at home waiting for my family to be ready to leave for a fair. I was laying on the couch and feeling miserable, I started to imagine, piece by piece, what my house would look like when I was older. Then I carefully decorated each of my kids rooms and finally conjured up images of everyone in my family and imagined what a day would be like. I cannot even describe the joy that this brought me, suddenly I had something to do and figuratively somewhere else to be. To this day I still daydream about that house and my family and I'll just go through holidays or normal days with my future kids. It's weird, I know it is but I love it.

I developed several other reoccurring daydreams over the years, if I just let my mind wonder it automatically goes to myself or some other unknown girl turning onstage at a dance competition, or I'll imagine a gymnast doing giants on the uneven bars. Those are just quick things I'll think of as I'm falling asleep or losing focus. For longer and more boring moments such as Ethics class (ugh) I'll imagine myself at the Olympic trials or one of my stories being made into a movie and who I would cast.

I think I'll always be a daydreamer and I don't think it's a bad thing. As long as they don't hinder everyday life (and they don't! Just Ethics...:).

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Best Day (and other things that make me cry)

I'm listening to Taylor Swifts, The Best Day, and tearing up. This song...seriously every time I hear it I want to cry. The song perfectly illustrates how I feel about my childhood and is so incredibly simple and sweet. Hands down my favorite TS song.

What else has been having me reach for the tissues? Last weeks episode of 19 Kids and Counting when Josh and Anna moved to Washington DC and were saying goodbye to the family. Holy cow that was sad. Also, Sister Wives?? I know that's weird but I was watching reruns and the episode when baby Truely was born and the one where they have to move. Sheesh, I never used to be such a sensitive person but now a lot of stuff seems to tug at my heart strings. Whats next? Dance Moms?? I'm about to watch some later on so we'll see.

Happy October!