Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Under the Weather

Very Quick Weekend Recap:
Friday: Eat pizza and stay home while everyone else attends high school football game. Watch a lot of TV.
Saturday: Drive 5 hours round trip to pick E up from a college she was supposed to be performing with in her marching band. Go out to eat at favorite restaurant with M and see Prisoners. Get terrified.
Sunday: Wake up sick with fever and beginnings of a cold. Miss Church, watch lots of TV, sleep a ton.
Monday: Still sick, miss school, stay home alone and watch lots of TV. Eat delicious home cooked meal.

I returned to school this morning, the fever is gone but I sill have a nasty cold. I really hope I feel better soon, I think today should be my last day feeling so awful. I hate colds and I hate any moisture in my nose so I'm pretty sure I seriously disrupted my Ethics class by all the nose blowing. Tonight I will read, watch TV and hopefully rest easy. I always have some trouble sleeping with a cold (just had to pause to attend to an awful nose itch and subsequent eye watering and dripping).

Oh! It's officially fall, I'm ready for the season and am already anticipating the holiday fun!! 


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