Friday, September 27, 2013

Transition Months

You may remember my strong disdain for the month of February. I feel a little like that about September though not as strongly. I do not like the weather in early fall. The sort of in between weather where you never know what to wear. Jeans or shorts? Jacket or no jacket? So annoying. I'm ready to just slip on a pair of Uggs and my coat and forget about the confusion. I do enjoy this fall season and I love the crisp pumpkin kind of weather. I also really enjoy Halloween.

Needless to say, I am excited and ready for October. My moms side family reunion is next month, so is the birthday of someone special and the beginning of the real Autumn weather.

In other unrelated news, I am done rewatching Parenthood and done catching up on New Girl. Currently I am watching the best animated show of all time. Avatar the Last Airbender. I love it, love it. I have to work tomorrow morning and aren't particularly excited about it but I'm sure it will be fine.
Happy Friday!

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