Thursday, September 26, 2013

Be Aware!

I would be remiss if I let September pass by without a post devoted to childhood cancer awareness. This is a cause very close to my heart and I think it should be close to everyone's heart as well. Because honestly, what is more important than the welfare of our children? The reality is, kids are dying every day. 7 kids, every day from cancer. We are aware that pink means breast cancer and red means heart disease and puzzle peices are for Autism. This is all great but do many people know what this stand for?
This gold ribbon is for childhood cancer and it SHOULD be known by all. This is the number one disease killer of children and hardly anyone even knows it. People are so quick to donate to animal shelters and wildlife organizations and meanwhile-kids are losing this battle every day due to lack of treatments and funding.

So, you don't have to donate money or walk around with a sandwhich board sign. Just spread the word, let others know and if you can, give money to a reputable charity or organization because these kids matter.


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