Thursday, August 1, 2013

Olympic Rewind

Oh how I wish the summer Olympics happened every year. I follow all of the gymnasts from the USA team on instagram and yesterday they all posted pictures from last year when the team won gold. I saved my recordings from all the women's gymnastics events and rewatched them many times. The hours of footage took up so much space on my DVR so I had to delete them knowing that it was also online. Unfortunately, NBC took it off of their site and only certain portions are on youtube. I do watch what I can but I really want to see the exact same broadcast that I saw on NBC but it seems to be nowhere.

Alas, I'm reposting my Olympic Women's Gymnastics Reviews in honor of the one year anniversary. I am so excited to tune into the P&G Competition in a few weeks and the World Championships in September. But I am most excited of all for the Rio Olympics in 2016!

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