Monday, August 12, 2013


At this moment my mom and sisters are laughing hysterically because E just got her marching band uniform and it's rather funny. Anyway, over the weekend I got to hang out with C, watch fireworks and go with my mom and favorite aunt to a fitness challenge type festival. Today I worked and hung out with Mallory and El at the playground.

I think that as we get older, Claire and I actually become even closer. I think its an accumulations of so many shared experiences and as we mature I think we realize how special our friendship is. C means so much to me that I literally don't know what I'd do without her. I told her that I can only imagine feeling so strongly about someone if I was marrying them or they were my child. I know that sounds really extreme, and it is. I'm obviously not in love with Claire and she certainly isn't my offspring but we really do have a special bond. I know with all my heart that we'll always be friends. I know we'll be in each others weddings and our kids will play together all the time. This year, she's going to college in another state. She is literally getting to pursue her dream and I'm really proud of her. I'll miss her but I know she's doing something that she loves.

In other news, the chain to my beloved cross necklace broke so I haven't been wearing it. It's odd to reach up to my neck expecting to fiddle with it and finding nothing there! Hopefully I can get a new chain soon. I have a lot of back to school shopping to get done.


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