Monday, August 5, 2013

First Weekend in August!!

Alright, lets get down to it!

Friday: I had to work Friday from 7-3pm. They were really short staffed for the next shift so they wanted whoever was there to do all the vital signs for their assigned rooms. Let me tell you, I think I did 50 vitals signs in my 8 and a half hour shift. Fun stuff! Afterward my mom and sisters went to the mall but I opted to chill at home. I watched some ANTM and Quints by Surprise :)

Saturday: In the morning my mom went to work out and my sisters and I hung out a nearby bookstore/coffee shop. I ate a muffin and read People magazine. Before going home we stopped at Target to buy a gift for my cousin B's daughters 3rd birthday party. At the party I got to see my cousins and all the cute babies. Love it! Watching B's daughter opening gifts was so fun. We all went to a minor league baseball game after and I had a nice time eating ice cream, chatting and watching fireworks.

Sunday: My mom had to work so my dad and sisters and I headed to church. After they had a picnic where the members pack lunches (and food is provided for guests) and eat together. My dad had to work at home and E didn't want to come so M and I went ourselves. Our favorite uncle ended up staying with us and we shared our food with him. Once we got home we had to drive E to my cousins and walk our dog. Then we picked her back up, stopped at the grocery store and picked up my mom from work. When we finally returned home some of our family was already there since we were having them over for dinner. I made a nice natural salad.and my dad made AWESOME eggplant. I enjoyed eating together and having a discussion on GM foods...ha. Uncle D brought pies for desert! Yum. Later on M and I watched some Kid Nation before bed.

Today (Monday): I went with M to her babysitting job with my cousins daughter El. We chilled and watched Full House before El woke up and then we all played before leaving to come to our house. I went with my mom on a walk and then all of us girls went to an outdoor outlet mall so I could buy some new jeans. It was a success! I got two new pairs and a shirt. El had a great time feeding the ducks and riding in her stroller. Later on we have Bible study and it's our last one :(

Oh and I've been watching a lot of gymnastics on youtube lately, I am obsessed and can't wait for nationals!

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