Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Workflow, Then and Now

I so wish I had been blogging during the time I began my internship at the hospital in February of 2012. My first day was a complete disaster. The NA (nurse assistant) that I was working with was less than nice, a nurse told me, "Welcome to Hell," when I said told her I was new and I nearly got lost trying to find my way to the locker room and had to be shown the way by a kind Housekeeper. I cried, hard, in the locker room as I changed into my clothes. I fell into a routine of dreading work, while telling people I loved it. In the midst of this I enjoyed blissful dinner breaks where I would meet up with 4 other girls from my medical class at school who were also interning in different parts of the hospital. We laughed and shared food, I remember thinking (I'm very sentimental) that I was so enjoying this time with my friends in the hospital atrium. I even said something along the lines of, "This time will go by so fast, I bet we'll be sitting here on our last day in May and thinking it flew by," Still, my first weeks were even tough, I was never sure if I was doing things right, the nurses didn't seem to care I was even there. I was only working back in Labor and Delivery where I rarely had any patient contact. I would hang out by the OR's just to catch a glimpse of a baby fresh from a C-section.

As I said earlier, time flew by and today things are so different. I am now hired as a NA and I get to work in Postpartum and L&D, depending on the day. I trained a new aid today and didn't even have to pretend to know what I was talking about because I really did. I have seen 2 C-sections and 3 regular deliveries. I laughed with other workers that once seemed standoffish, I chatted with the NA that had made my first day miserable, I had earned her respect and she earned mine. I now work 8 hour days instead of 4 or 5. I take vital signs, I know how to set up baby cribs and OR's, I assist nurses, I know all the lingo and medical jargon. I hold babies sometimes. Two of my friends were hired as well, one in my unit so I get to see her sometimes and one in EKG who I have yet to run into. I eat with my mom when it isn't busy and in the break room if it is. My job isn't easy but it's rewarding and it has plenty of variety and I can honestly say that I really do like it.

 It was worth the crying and the anxiety. It was even worth me wearing scrubs that are 3 sizes too big.

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