Friday, July 5, 2013

Vacation-All I Ever Wanted

Rodger that! I am soooo ready to just leave already but the stress of packing is proving to be quite hard on my family. It doesn't make it any easier that the car we're taking is wayyy too small to accommodate us and our luggage. The things that are currently stressing me out are as follows:
  • M feels as though she is getting sick, I'm certain that I'll catch it as well
  • I fear that I'll have little to no personal space in the car tomorrow and be seriously claustrophobic the whole way.
  • My dad will not be able to fit my suitcase in the car.
Oye...when did vacations become so stressful???  I'm banking on the fact that once I'm there I will be relaxed. Here are my goals for vacation:
  1. Get very tan/lighten my hair
  2. Swim a ton
  3. Have a deep conversation with a family member
  4. Reconnect with my cousins
  5. Take a ton of pictures
  6. Cherish every moment
Alrighty, I'll end there because there is still so much to do.

Oh the phone just rang, and I had the following conversation with my dad who is running a last minute errand:

Me: Hopefully you'll get home soon
Dad: When are we going to pack the car?
Me: Tonight!
Dad: Ooooooh, that's crazy. 

Yes it is crazy because it's already late and we probably won't get to bed for hour sand hours and have to wake up for our 7:30 meeting time .Yep, it's fun around here!
I'm not sure if I'll be posting while on vacation, I'd kind of like to so we'll see!

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