Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Worst Day

Lars is broken again. That's why I haven't posted...I really feel as though I need to write about this event before too much time passes. Here goes.

Last Saturday, July 13th, we were still on vacation. Earlier in the day my favorite aunt and uncle and my own family had gone to see a lighthouse. That evening we were celebrating my cousin K's upcoming birthday. My mom, sisters and I went to the general store for some brownie mix. On our way back we saw an ambulance. My mom remarked how it wast the first we'd seen all vacation. It turned down one of the roads leading to our house and my mom started to panic. She was thinking of my 87 year old grandma and we all made fun of how she always assumes the worst. When the ambulance didn't go directly down our road, she eased up and we headed inside. I told E to wait outside and I would meet her back with my camera because I wanted to do a house video tour. I ran up to the top level to get the camera and noticed my grandma rushing down the outside steps. The house had an elevator so this was unusual, I went out sliding door and asked, "Here grandma, let me help you"

"Somethings wrong," she said in a worried voice, "Somethings happened at the beach" I took her arm and we began to walk over the dunes. At this point I wasn't extremely worried, I tend to have the "This won't happen to me" complex a lot. My grandma was worried though she said she'd seen my aunt running back and forth from the house and that she thought it was someone in our family who was in trouble. When we walked over the hill and I saw the beach in front of me I knew that something serious was happening. The usually calm and private beach was swarmed with people. There were two ambulance vehicles. My whole family (except for my sisters and mom who had no idea this was even going on yet and my aunt and uncle m who were out) were standing in a line looking to the ocean. It was so eerie, I'll never forget it. I was slowly making my way down the stairs with my grandma and she told me to go ahead and she'd be fine but I didn't leave her because I was afraid she would fall.

I noticed that my cousin Rob was there and immediately thought, "Oh, it's not someone in our family, Rob was the only one who was even going in the ocean". I approached the crowd with my grandma and asked, "What's going on?" My cousin K said, in a soft voice I'll never forget, "Um, your dads in there"

I asked what had happened, starting to cry right away. Apparently he had went in to aid three boys who were trapped out by the waves. He had tried to bring them boogie boards but ended up getting in trouble himself. Rescuers had gone in but they too had been unable to return to shore,. Thoughts raced through my head, I honestly thought my dad would surely drown. It was the worst feeling in the world, I can't even describe it. I thought of how my mom would never be able to handle it and how I wouldn't go back to school. I was crying and saying a lot of things I can't remember and my aunt C was comforting me. At one point I realized I was still holding my camera, I dropped it with some sense of bitterness, thinking that nothing mattered anymore. I asked my aunt, "Can we pray?" she said of course we could but I couldn't even form a thought so I asked her to pray for us. I begged God silently to bring my dad back safely.

After a few minutes I said, "I can't do this!" and I meant that there was no possible way I could handle standing on the beach while my dad drowned and they carried his body way I could do it. My aunt said, "Look! They're bringing your daddy in!" I saw a jet ski circling around but they brought in the other boys first and I started to panic, where is my dad??? Finally they brought him nearly to shore but let him off before it got to shallow I was worried that he wouldn't be able to swim the few yards in but he did. Behind me I heard my mom and sisters rushing toward the scene. I ran to E first, "They got him out, they got him out" I said. Everyone was crying.

The four people they'd pulled out of the water were in a little huddle with paramedics. Everyone was alright just tired of course and it was a while before they were released. I was still crying from the release of emotion and pure relief that my dad was ok.

Eventually we all walked back to the house and sat in the big living room, my dad rested like a big hero and everyone told their account of what had happened. It was the only time we'd all gathered in that room.

This was really the scariest thing that's ever happened to me and I am so thankful to God for being so merciful and that everyone was alright.

I'll update more later-hopefully on a fixed Lars! (My laptop ;)

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