Sunday, June 16, 2013

VBS Week!

Yay! Tomorrow begins VBS week and I am super excited. M and I are going to be guides for the first graders and E will be helping out in the nursery and crafts. I absolutely love VBS and this is my 7th year helping out. The theme is medieval and it's going to be awesome. Here is a photo of my newly ironed on (and old favorite) green t-shirt:
You can see some of my fabulous bedroom in the background.
Other than that, here is what else has been going on:
  • C's grad party was yesterday and it was so much fun. I did not over indulge in deserts AND C loved the charm bracelet we bought her. It was a success overall 
  • Today for fathers day we went to church and then to my grandpas house and then to the cemetery to visit my grandpas (my dad's dad) grave. The weather was finally nice and sunny and warm. 
  • I've been feeling like I'm getting a cold or literally a month. I'm guessing I'm developing allergies or something. Today though, my throat is sort of sore and my nose is itchy. I really don't want to be sick for this week :(
  • Work is working out! I'm glad to be back in the swing of things and earning some $$
  • My cousins B's baby is having surgery tomorrow to hopefully fix her issues with eating and breathing. Please pray for baby A if you can. 
That's about it, I promise to post more, I really love summer blogging but it's hard to actually sit down and write!


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