Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Parties, Burns and The Lion King

Let's catch up!

Saturday: I had to run a bunch of errands with my sisters in preparation for our upcoming vacation and our cousins bday party that night. We got to the party late (as always) but in time for the food. They had the best watermelon I've had in a long time, yum! We got to see all of our cousins kids (there are 4 under 3) and little baby A was sleeping. She had surgery and is doing well, please continue to pray for her if you can. For his 2nd birthday, we bought my cousin D a superman shirt with a cape and a hat and an Eric Carl book with sound buttons. I think he liked it a lot :), he's so cute! We also got to see my 3 girl cousins who attended VBS last week, since none of htem were in our group it was a huge blessing to hear them talk about how much fun they'd had and the friends they had made.

Sunday: This was such a great day! I finally got to wear the dress my grandma bought for my birthday to church. The message was delivered by our youth pastor and it was about God's comfort during our suffering. I am continually blessed by these teachings. After the service we stayed and talked to some friends for awhile, I feel like we're often the last ones to leave! When we got home M came up with a fun idea for the summer. We wrote down a bunch of writing prompts and every week we'll pick one and write a short story using it. This weeks prompt is "After a life changing event". The weather was incredibly beautiful and hot so I helped my dad get the pool ready and floated around on a raft for a bit. Then we headed to pick my grandma up for a cook out at my favorite aunt and uncles house. They live on a nice set of land and we all got to eat outside and chat, for desert my uncle let us ride in the back of his old fashion car on our way to get ice cream! M and E were there too and we were laughing and singing the whole way, it was really exhilarating. When we got back we ate our ice cream and then we all prayed together. It is so special to me that my favorite people all love the Lord.

Monday: I went with M to he nannying job with 2 year old El. I had to help M with a paper of hers and then I got to pick out a cute outfit for El and do her hair in pigtails. Around lunchtime we headed out and picked up a poster board from my favorite family, our church is fundraising for an event and I needed this informative board for when we try to raise money. Once at home, we were going to all go swimming but I had to stay in because I had these awful stomach pains from drinking apple juice, not fun. I did get to come out and take some pictures later on though. El was so cute in her float. When they went back inside we put on The Lion King, which I hadn't seen in forever, but before we even started it something awful happened. E had made herself some piping hot tomato soup and filled her cup to the brim. She was about to sit down in a rocking chair and eat it in our newly redone family room so M of course told her to go to the table. She didn't listen and before anyone could do anything El had tried to climb up on the chair with her and the soup spilled over them both. E screamed at the top of her lungs right in El's face. I scooped her up as she started to cry, I didn't even realize that she'd gotten spilled on until M came running with a wet towel to get the soup off, then we ran her hand under cool water and she began to calm down. Still, her hand was read and slightly swollen. E's legs were only slightly burned. We watched the movie after that and El fell asleep, we all felt terrible. Luckily her mom was understanding about it when M dropped her off. I quickly made some cookies for Bible study while she was gone and we headed off to church after my mom got home. The study is on Proverbs and it's taught by one of my favorite church elders. I'm really enjoying it.

Tuesday: On this day we went to visit my cousin B and her kids before heading off to a sprinkler park which El loved. Unfortunately, it started to storm after being there for just over an hour so we packed up and went home. El was asking to watch "the tiger movie" again so we put in The Lion King. After she got picked up we went to get my mom and waited at the bookstore while she went to work out. From there we went to the mall to try and find her and M bathing suits, no luck! On the way home we got caught in a massive thunderstorm, the lightening was so close. We did make it to our house safely, just in time to eat some quinoa! ;)


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