Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I'm a Knight for the Week

Well, we are over halfway through VBS and I'm having a really great time. We're with 1st graders and our group is 8 boys! I was a little said not to have any "Maiden's" (medieval themed lingo) but I really have grown to love our "Knights". They're a lot better behaved than the group I had last year so no complaining at all! The weather has been awesome so far, it was hot on Monday so M and I took cousin El who she is nannying to the pool. I finally got to wear my new bathing suit!

Yesterday and today were only in the low 70's but still sunny so it was fine. The next four days are going to be HOT. I am SO ready for that though, seriously, let the summer weather begin! I worked a 4 hour shift yesterday and I'm working another tomorrow, easy-peesy.

Alrighty, my parents need my help moving furniture back into our recently redone family room. Happy Wednesday all!


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