Sunday, June 16, 2013

For My Lovely Clairie

Dear C,
     I cannot believe that you graduated and are going (far) away to school in the fall. I am selfishly feeling a little sad for myself since I will not be seeing you as often. But for as long as we've been friends (8 years) I've always known that time and distance cannot separate us or cause us to grow apart. I think our friendship is special because of this, I just know we will always be friends.
     Doesn't it seem like just yesterday we were inventing out own secret land in Uncle D's backyard? Somewhere Else was a place where we could get away from our sisters (namely E). We had a whole history for our kingdom and we were obviously the queens from the start. Those epic picnics we had in Somewhere Else were so much fun, we would put on dresses and eat right on the grass. We loved it there. I can't believe that that backyard now belongs to somebody new.
      Remember our stories we used to tell? Back and forth for hours, on the phone or in person. There was the one about Sydney who had leukemia or the one about Shelby who went to summer camp. Or the love story one with the boy named Alvy. I loved those stories, there must have been dozens. I love how we both put our heart and soul into writing, it is absolutely the glue that bonded us from the start. I'd never been friends with another writer before.
       How about the games we would play? The time we stayed up until 2 in the morning with E's new American Girl doll and my old ones. We pretended to be moms who were overstressed and used water to pretend it was vodka...we were weird, it's true. Remember when we dragged M into being another student in the game we played about the school for disabled kids? I was blind, you had a crutch and M was deaf.
        Remember how into soccer we both got after my dad took us to see the movie Gracie? We passed my ball back and forth until after dark and your mom dragged you home. We made a game out of it. My name was Star and yours was Lacey and we were both extremely dedicated athletes who had soccer playing boyfriends named Jack and Jude. Later on we forced M to play and she was an Irish girl with famous parents. I think that game went on for a good year or so.
         C, you are fabulous. You are everything anyone could want in a best friend. I don't think I'll ever be able to accurately describe how much you mean to me. You have been there for me through my awkward middle school years and those times in high school when I felt alone. Your presence in this world brings me joy beyond measure. I will forever be grateful to call you my best friend.
Love, G

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