Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial day weekend started off on Friday night with a rousing evening of Party of Five (best TV show ever). On Saturday we headed to a nearby outdoor mall for what we thought was the day of an art fair. After arriving and then having to go home (because ole E "wasn't feeling well") we soon realized that we had the wrong weekend. We walked around anyway and I got some ice cream (of course). Sunday morning we went to church and then back home to make food for the party at my uncles house. M and I made this chocolate heath bar back that was super easy. We got to the party around 3:45 and hung out and ate. My mom and sister entered in the corn hole competition while I sat back and watched. My cousin B and her older daughter came later and everyone swarmed her with questions because her little baby girl had been in the hospital all week. As if that weren't enough, other family members are also being rocked with something extremely serious that I'm not going to go into on here. Just please pray for them if you can. Honestly it's making me very sad and torn up inside, I'm the type of person that hates to even think about anything that will make me upset and this is really hard, even though I'm totally on the outside of it.

Sunday night we got home and watched more POF. Monday we woke up early to go to parade that I've went to every year since I can remember. It's right down my grandpas street and the whole side of the family usually comes out to see it. This year two of my cousins were in it so it was really neat to see. Cousin B and her almost 3 year old cam and I loved to watch the parade through a toddlers perspective. We went back to my grandparents house and ate and hung out. Again there was a somber mood because of what's been going on but I still had a nice time. I played catch with my 10 year old cousin and hide and seek with little S. She is adorable!

Today my mom and I went over my cousin B's house to try and help out with her little baby and visit. Little A is soooo cute, please pray for her if you are able. She has a lot of medical issues going on and it seems that now there might be some genetic syndrome on top of it. B and her husband are great parents though so I know they'll get through this rough time.

Lots to come this week and weekend, I'll keep up!

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