Tuesday, May 21, 2013

M Graduates and We Almost Die of Heat Stroke

On Sunday m graduated from college, I was super proud of her and and excited to see her big moment. I put on my new dress from target and geared up for a day of fun. The actual ceremony was to start at 11:30 but we wanted good seats so we left an hour early. There were thousands of chairs set up on the big lawn on M's old campus, we snagged a row near the front and settled in.

The sun was out, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. The ceremony went from noon to 3. We were there for a total of 5 hours. Like sitting ducks getting burnt to death. Thank goodness E brought the spray on sun block, otherwise we literally would have had to leave. It wasn't a fun afternoon but it was worth it to see M walk across the stage. C was there too (having just gotten over the stomach flu...why oh why would she subject herself to that heat? I guess she's loyal) so we got to keep each other sane! We had a lot of family members with us but everyone but our family and C and her mom ended up leaving early.

After it was finally over we were ushered to tents with desert and (ice cold!) lemonade. I drank three cups. SO GLORIOUS. Then we headed to one of M's favorite restaurants, it's not one of my favorite places but it was her day so I couldn't complain, all of the family that had left the ceremony early met us to eat. We were all sun tired but still had a good time. When we finally got home we sat outside and read and then got Dairy Queen. It was a good ending for a good (albeit hot) day. Congrats M!


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