Thursday, May 30, 2013

I Love You May, Don't Go Away

May (the Honeymoon period of summer) is coming to a close and while I know I still have nearly three months left, I still feel a bit sad. May has been a great time of winding down from school and truly beginning that summer beat. Tomorrow is sure to be an exhausting but incredibly fun day. I'm going to over my favorite families house to watch baby K during their yardsale. I'm so happy to help out, I can't even tell you. The money is going to a great cause and I'm happy to be party of it. I'll be doing the same thing on Saturday and then on Sunday...C graduates! I plan on doing a nice post about my best friend later on, I have so much to say.

My mom and I went over to my cousin B's house on Tuesday. Baby A is so cute but is still so congested and has a hard time eating, she so needs to eat though so she can grow. I pray that her doctors will be able to collaborate and figure out the best course of action for her.

In other news I am currently sitting at the desk in my kitchen waiting for my mom to get home with food. I am starved. Well, not actually but I am hungry.
Happy Thursday to all!


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