Friday, May 31, 2013

I've Got Sunshine... (The Month of May)

Here was my month of May:


Survived finals week

Finished up school

Donated my hair 

Had a nice mothers day

Embraced the warm weather

Enjoyed C and her family during one of our get togethers

Dealt with some hard extended family issues

Enjoyed Memorial weekend

Loved it all.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

I Love You May, Don't Go Away

May (the Honeymoon period of summer) is coming to a close and while I know I still have nearly three months left, I still feel a bit sad. May has been a great time of winding down from school and truly beginning that summer beat. Tomorrow is sure to be an exhausting but incredibly fun day. I'm going to over my favorite families house to watch baby K during their yardsale. I'm so happy to help out, I can't even tell you. The money is going to a great cause and I'm happy to be party of it. I'll be doing the same thing on Saturday and then on Sunday...C graduates! I plan on doing a nice post about my best friend later on, I have so much to say.

My mom and I went over to my cousin B's house on Tuesday. Baby A is so cute but is still so congested and has a hard time eating, she so needs to eat though so she can grow. I pray that her doctors will be able to collaborate and figure out the best course of action for her.

In other news I am currently sitting at the desk in my kitchen waiting for my mom to get home with food. I am starved. Well, not actually but I am hungry.
Happy Thursday to all!


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial day weekend started off on Friday night with a rousing evening of Party of Five (best TV show ever). On Saturday we headed to a nearby outdoor mall for what we thought was the day of an art fair. After arriving and then having to go home (because ole E "wasn't feeling well") we soon realized that we had the wrong weekend. We walked around anyway and I got some ice cream (of course). Sunday morning we went to church and then back home to make food for the party at my uncles house. M and I made this chocolate heath bar back that was super easy. We got to the party around 3:45 and hung out and ate. My mom and sister entered in the corn hole competition while I sat back and watched. My cousin B and her older daughter came later and everyone swarmed her with questions because her little baby girl had been in the hospital all week. As if that weren't enough, other family members are also being rocked with something extremely serious that I'm not going to go into on here. Just please pray for them if you can. Honestly it's making me very sad and torn up inside, I'm the type of person that hates to even think about anything that will make me upset and this is really hard, even though I'm totally on the outside of it.

Sunday night we got home and watched more POF. Monday we woke up early to go to parade that I've went to every year since I can remember. It's right down my grandpas street and the whole side of the family usually comes out to see it. This year two of my cousins were in it so it was really neat to see. Cousin B and her almost 3 year old cam and I loved to watch the parade through a toddlers perspective. We went back to my grandparents house and ate and hung out. Again there was a somber mood because of what's been going on but I still had a nice time. I played catch with my 10 year old cousin and hide and seek with little S. She is adorable!

Today my mom and I went over my cousin B's house to try and help out with her little baby and visit. Little A is soooo cute, please pray for her if you are able. She has a lot of medical issues going on and it seems that now there might be some genetic syndrome on top of it. B and her husband are great parents though so I know they'll get through this rough time.

Lots to come this week and weekend, I'll keep up!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Grandma R!

Just a repost showing my love for my grandma on her birthday:

Prayer Request

Dear readers, I have a fairly serious and urgent prayer request. My cousin B had her 2nd baby in February and since her birth she has had some respiratory issues and has been in the hospital a few times. She has been in the PICU since Saturday but just got moved last night to a regular room, it seems that her doctors are just now giving her problems the attention that they need. It's becoming apparent that all of her symptoms could mean a pretty serious underlying condition. Little baby A is so sweet and so little, if you could please pray for wisdom for the doctors to figure out what is wrong with her and that it wouldn't be anything chronic and something easily fixed. Thank you.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

M Graduates and We Almost Die of Heat Stroke

On Sunday m graduated from college, I was super proud of her and and excited to see her big moment. I put on my new dress from target and geared up for a day of fun. The actual ceremony was to start at 11:30 but we wanted good seats so we left an hour early. There were thousands of chairs set up on the big lawn on M's old campus, we snagged a row near the front and settled in.

The sun was out, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. The ceremony went from noon to 3. We were there for a total of 5 hours. Like sitting ducks getting burnt to death. Thank goodness E brought the spray on sun block, otherwise we literally would have had to leave. It wasn't a fun afternoon but it was worth it to see M walk across the stage. C was there too (having just gotten over the stomach flu...why oh why would she subject herself to that heat? I guess she's loyal) so we got to keep each other sane! We had a lot of family members with us but everyone but our family and C and her mom ended up leaving early.

After it was finally over we were ushered to tents with desert and (ice cold!) lemonade. I drank three cups. SO GLORIOUS. Then we headed to one of M's favorite restaurants, it's not one of my favorite places but it was her day so I couldn't complain, all of the family that had left the ceremony early met us to eat. We were all sun tired but still had a good time. When we finally got home we sat outside and read and then got Dairy Queen. It was a good ending for a good (albeit hot) day. Congrats M!


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Good Life

That's what I'm living :).  I don't have to work until June 9th and my days are blissfully occupied with whatever I want. Today really felt like a summer day, not just a break or a weekend but a genuine "schools out do fun things" summer day. Here's what I did:

I slept in a bit (yay!) then I chilled with Lars and Iris (laptopa and ipad) until it was time to get ready to go pick up Lily so we could visit our old high school. We got to see some of our favorite teachers, again it was so nice to be back. Afterward M and I went to the movies. This summer we are determined to go once a week and rotate between us two and E so that we'll each have plenty of chances to pick movies. Today we saw "Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunter". I didn't know what to expect but I really did enjoy it, the ending was great. On our way to pick up E from school we stopped at a Chick-Fil-a drive through-yum. Then M and I took Ruby for a nice walk in the sunshine. Now I'm relaxing before I have to babysit for my favorite family tonight. It's a good day!

I'm also still very much in love with my haircut, it makes my head lighter and my hair seem (dare I say) thinner? It's a miracle I tell you. I'm also enjoying my summer wardrobe which is millions of times better than my fall and winter clothes. I bought a pair of high waisted shorts and I'm loving them.

Thank you Jesus for this beautiful season!


Monday, May 13, 2013

Who Knew You Could Get 13 Inches Cut off your Hair and Nobody Would Notice?

My mom had I both had hair appointments on Saturday morning/early afternoon. My mom went first and then it was my turn. My hair stylist put my hair into two ponytails in order to get a clean cut. This was the 4th time I've donated my hair. The first was when I was 10, then 13, then 6 and now 19. Yes, I did wait to cut my hair until my birthday to make sure that this occurred every three years. Don't judge.

Anyway, I thought I was going to be really sad but I wasn't. As she cut off those ponytails my head felt lighter and my heart soared. I was ready for the change and as she dried and straightened my hair, added layers and sidebangs, I kept feeling happier and happier. My hair went from touching my behind, to falling right below my collar bone. So, imagine my surprise when I arrive at a family party that day and not a single person notices. NOT ONE. The same thing happened at church yesterday and the mothers day brunch. I had to point it out to everyone. And, even better is the fact that everyone noticed my mom's haircut and hers was much less drastic!

What is it with me? Perhaps my hair doesn't change the way I look as much as I thought. Who cares though because I love my hair now, it is light and easy and I finally have it pulled back without my head feeling like it's going to fall off my neck.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Gatsby? What Gatsby?

To celebrate school being over (for M and myself) we went to see The Great Gatsby last night. We've been looking forward to seeing this movie for soooo long and they kept delaying the release. My mom had just finished the book and we'd already read it so it was rather exciting.

We manged to avoid sitting near a gaggle of giggly middle schoolers and settled in the side row of seats. Now, I know the movie has gotten mixed reviews so far but we all loved it. Of course the story is a classic and the actors and actresses portrayed the characters perfectly. Gatsby's parties were extremely enticing as they came to life onscreen. All of it, just perfect.


Friday, May 10, 2013


The weather has called for a 90 percent chance of rain today. I wanted to wear my white flip flops but I didn't want to trudge through puddles all the way to my final exam. So, in a moment of poor judgement and even though the sky was mostly clear, I put on my rain boots instead. As I stood amongst my classmates, waiting to get in to take the test, I became very embarrassed. Everyone else was in sandals or tennis shoes. Instant regret right there.

BUT, my worries were soon forgotten as I finished my last exam of the semester and walked back to my dorm to await the arrival of my parents to come and take me home.


Allow me to express my thoughts about summer in a haiku:

The school year is through 
There are simple days ahead
For here comes the sun


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Freshmen Year Reflections

Well, here I am. Sitting at my empty desk next to my bare walls. Tonight is my last night here after 8 months. Crazy, right?

So of course, I'm reflecting on my time here. I don't really feel like writing right now but I'm going to make myself because it's always been important to me that I'm honest with myself on here.

In some ways, I feel like I've failed my first year of college. Not academically, I did well in that area. Not emotionally, I overcame a lot. But socially. I came here paralyzed with fear that I wouldn't make friends and, to be honest, that's kind of what happened. I have the people I met in Bible study, my roommate and that's it. No girls on my floor that I talk to, a few people from classes and stuff but no meaningful long term bonds were made. All year I would see pictures on facebook of all my former classmates having the time of their lives in college and meeting tons of new people. This didn't happen for me and it makes me sad but also kind of angry. Mostly angry at myself for not putting myself out there enough. But at the same time, what more could I have done? I don't know, I'm always friendly but I've never been very good at making friends. When I went back to work over spring break I ran into Carol who, by the way, is one of the most genuine people I know. Anyway, Carol had always looked out for me and the first thing she asked was "School is good? And you have friends?". I lied and told her yes. She was the only person to ever ask me that. Everyone else's questions ranged around homesickness and studying and dorm life. No one ever asked if I had made friends, maybe she knew this may be an area of struggle but she just got it. Her worry and concern when she asked that question was clear and evident.

I'm disappointed in myself. I need to say that and I need to try and figure out how I can improve for next year. I so badly want to make lifelong friends here, I would love to meet my future husband here. I recently started praying so hard that God would bring me someone this summer. A friend, a boyfriend, anyone. I'm ready for some new people in my life.

This year wasn't bad by any means, and I need to give myself at least a little credit. I was petrified to come here. It was near impossible for me to picture myself living in a dorm away from my family. But I did it and I managed to really get into a good routine here. And academically, I really made my parents proud and that's something I rarely did through my grades in high school. This year was not a fail by any means.

I really am thankful for this experience, and I need to emphasize that I was not depressed or even lonely during these 8 months. I do wish for more friends but I made a good time of every day. It was the little things and it was also one big thing, my faith and the strength that it gives me daily.

Freshmen year is nearly complete and I'm thanking God for all of it. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

An Anniversary

Wow, I can't believe it but today is the 7th anniversary of the back surgery I had when I was 12 to correct scoliosis. 7 years is a long time when you think about it but it's also not too long in the grand scheme of things. In some ways it certainly feels like 7 years ago but in other ways I can easily place myself back to that very day. I've grown a whole lot since then, physically, emotionally and spiritually. And hey, I don't have a curved spine anymore so that's a gigantic plus!

Please refer to this post to read about May 8th 2006.


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Summer Preview

Here are the major events that I'm looking forward this summer. Ideally I would love to blog about all of them but we'll see.

  • Go see The Great Gatsby
  • Haircut
  • 1st Bday party BBQ
  • Mothers day
  • M graduates
  • Memorial Day Weekend festivities 
  • C graduates
  • C's grad party
  • VBS week
  • 4th of July
  • Vacation!
  • L's bday
  • Weekend trip
That's all I know about at the moment but I'll update as more events come up! Woooo, I can't wait!


Oh Lord, I'm Bored

The last week. Exam week. Pack everything up week. Boring week.

I am out of here at 1:30 this Friday and so very ready. I'm beyond bored in this room, BEYOND BORED. No amount of surfing the web, watching TV or eating can possibly entertain me for extensive periods of time. Blah.

In other news, I had a lovely weekend full of nice weather and plenty of time outside. I reread a whole book yesterday while sitting outside on a lawn chair. I did get a slight sunburn/farmers tan from my t-shirt but it was worth it. This weekend is going to be very busy and I can't wait. I want to make a post to map out all of the fun summer happenings that I plan to blog about. Perhaps I will do that right now...


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Madness

Holy cow! It is May and there are only 10 days left of my freshmen year. It's incredible to say the least. This year has flew by.

This week I am wrapping up my classes and preparing for finals week next week. I had my first final yesterday for  (the 6:40 am) Anatomy Lab and guess what? Our teacher did not show up. It was very unlike him because they guy was always on time and down to business. The whole class waited outside the room for an hour before we decided to leave. I got back to my room and about half an hour later I got an e-mail from the teacher who said he was "sincerely sorry for this inexcusable act", clearly he took his job very seriously and whatever made him late, and I'm still curious, must have been a good reason. We were given alternative time slots to come and take the exam so I headed back out at 8 and got it over with. It really wasn't too bad.

Thursday is my dance final and I'm a bit nervous because I feel that I don't know our combinations as well as I did last quarter. I'm sure it will turn out alright but one thing I don't want to do is mess up my star quality leaps.

Friday is my last English class in which we will come, pick up our graded final essays and go along our merry way. Hurrah! That's three classes done and over with. I have three exams next week and then I am d-o-n-e, done. I'm surveying my little area here in my room and I can't believe I'll have to take down all of my pictures, art work and decorations. The daunting task of packing is making me a bit crazy. I like to do these types of things all at once so I'll probably hold it off until next week. I can't imagine my room looking so bare for 10 whole days, I would be depressed.

Alrighty, I'm going to end this here. I'm going to K's dorm to have our traditional Wednesday movie/TV night. Thank you Lord for Netflix.

April Awesomeness (Monthly Review)

April was a good month

I got to experience warmer wheather

Try out zumba

Hang a bit with C

Wind down the school year

Celebrate my dogs 5th birthday

Teach Sunday School

Celebrate my own birthday

End the month on a sunny note

I cannot believe it is May! I am so excited for this month