Monday, April 22, 2013

To the People Waiting in the Shuttle Line at the Grand Opening of the Library: I'm Sorry

On Saturday our community library had it's grand opening in it's new building. My sisters and I picked up my favorite grandma and we headed off. What I thought would be a small event with maybe a few dozen patrons was SO MUCH MORE. Oh crowded. The big new parking lot was already filled we we were directed to park in a lot down the road. It was much to far away to walk (with our grandma) but no worries because they had a shuttle coming to get people. We were transported to the library for the ribbon cutting (that I could not see over the enormous glob of people). Afterward we roamed around and picked out some movies and books. The new DVD/Blu Ray section was awesome. I found two of my favorite Lifetime movies (SCORE). When we were done we headed outside for some free ice cream and to catch the shuttle. We waited...and waited by the "Shuttle Pick Up Line" sign. I even asked a policeman when it was coming and he said "Hopefully it will be back" Nice.

Now, it was very cold outside and my grandma is nearly 87 years old and we had been waiting for a good 20 minutes. When at last we saw the shuttle coming we went to meet it by the front of the library. But it pulled around the bend and went to the side of the library instead. In literally a matter of a minute a giant line had formed by the pick up sign and we weren't in it. The bus driver opened his doors and we started to get on but the people in line started yelling at us. Saying we weren't in line and blah blah blah. We said "But we've been waiting out here for a very long time and moved just to catch the shuttle" and then a nameless lady shouted "But not in line!" and so I lost my temper just a bit and shouted "Oh, cry me a river! We've been waiting out here forever!" then the bus driver let us get on because he may have understood, or because he was afraid of me.

We found our seats and then the line people got on and some had to stand and I felt TERRIBLE. It was true that we weren't necessarily in the wrong but I could see how we looked from the people in line. I should have held my tongue and I didn't. So, I'm sorry.

Ahhh, a weight off my chest.

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