Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Break/Easter 2013

I usually don't like to dye eggs, but I had some fun with it this year.
Since I lied and actually dissipated over break I figured I'd do a post to catch up on all the fun that went down. Here are my top 5 moments:
  1. Easter! Singing in the choir with E and my favorite aunt and uncle was so much fun. It was really neat to see our congregation from a different view. I absolutely loved the songs we sang and the people I sang them with. After church we went to my grandpas house like always. There are 4 kids 2 and under so I was never bored! I got to hold my cousins newborn and play with the other babies. The food was awesome and we got to have an ice cream cake in celebration of E, my grandpas and my cousin A's birthday. All in all it was a really great day, most importantly I never lost sight of the real reason for the holiday. Jesus rose from the grave!
  2. Hanging out with my mom last Tuesday. She was off work but her friend/coworker had just had her 50th birthday so my mom and I made lasagna in the morning and brought it in during lunchtime. I got to sit in the departments meeting room and eat with my mom and her friends. Everyone there is really nice and funny. My mom said that I was "charming" :). Afterward M managed to tag along and then we went shopping. 
  3. Babysitting my favorite family with M. Enough said. 
  4. The weather was gorgeous on Saturday so my sisters and I planned on doing something outside. I pumped up some basketballs and fished out our softball mitts and we headed out to find a worthy spot. We ended up at a playground/park next to my grandmas apartment. We played basket ball and catch under the warm sun. Oh how I missed not having to wear my puffy winter coat!
  5. M and I have been wanting to watch The Sound of Music on the night before Easter for years. We had done it once before and then our VHS player got unhooked. TSOM is absolutely one of my favorite movies. I have loved it since I was 4. We asked my dad to fix the player and we finally got to watch. Such a great movie. I loved every second. M and I really enjoyed ourselves.
Happy Tuesday!

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