Monday, April 15, 2013


Today is my dog Ruby's 5th birthday. I had wanted a dog my whole life but my parents were sorely against it. They thought that it would be too much work and they would be left with the brunt of it. Finally when I was in 6th grade my parents deemed it the right time. We got our first dog Lanie on Easter in 2006. Lanie was tall and lean and so cute, very sadly she got hit by a car and killed in 2008. At first I didn't want another dog because I was so upset but we hated being "dogless" so we started looking for ads in the paper. The day after my last day of 8th grade we drove an hour away to a breeder to look at her puppies. At first we had a different dog reserved but then we weren't sure if we would even be going to this particular breeder so we unreserved her. When we got there they had 4 puppies left, two girls and two boys. We knew we wanted a girl so we had to choose which one. My dad picked the bigger one and it was settled. Before we left I made sure to ask what day the litter had been born on, because I'm sentimental like that :). It was important that I knew the actual birthday. Naming Lanie took FOREVER because no one could agree but with Ruby we threw the name out there on the drive home and immediately it fit. Ruby was Ruby right from the start.

Ruby is feisty but never mean, she is so sweet and so soft. I love her to pieces and she has brought so much joy to all of our lives.

I love you Ruby!!!

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