Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Peace, School, Summer and Time

Hello there. I feel as if I haven't been keeping up that well and it annoys me.

Once again I have been shocked at the evil that this country has seen. It makes me so sad that things that were once so safe are no longer. I pray and pray that God would bring peace and that 2013 would be a year without violence. Unfortunately this has not been the case so far.

School is beginning to wind down here, yes I have some final exams but I'm not extremely worried about them. The thing that had previously been stressing me out are now seeming less daunting. My final English paper is really coming together and I got a 97% on my nutrition exam! I'm probably going to be looking at all A's and B's withe the exception of Anatomy. You win some and you lose some.

I have both a birthday countdown and a "Days until I'm done with school" countdown here in my room. I am equally excited for both. I cannot believe that my 18th year is coming to a close. I will definitely be doing a reflection post within the next 12 days. April is over half way through, this is crazy to me! Didn't months used to seem long?? Now they go by like nothing. Nice weather is finally starting to appear and I couldn't be happier. My spring and summer clothes have emerged and I'm really enjoying using my jean jackets instead of that blasted winter coat.

I am also currently surfing the web for the perfect bathing suit. I usually rock a bandeau but this year I was thinking of going for something a bit more modest for two reasons. One being that I'll be bearing my body for all to see at the beach house and two being that I may feel a bit insecure because I feel bigger this year. That may or may not be true but we'll see. Either way I have my eye on a specific print, I just have to decide if I want the tankini or the bandeau. Decisions, decisions.


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