Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It Felt LIke a Summer Night

Both last night and Monday night. Especially on Monday night. I was laying in my bed (which is lofted very high up) and the window was open. I could hear the crickets and the swoosh of the wind. It made me so happy. Before my bedroom moved I used to sleep with my window open and I would soak up the night noises. It would get so hot in the room I shared with E so the breeze was lovely. Now, I sleep in a much cooler spot and I can't open my window because my neighbor keeps her porch light on and it is intensely bright. So, I was really happy to relive those old memories.

I have always touted the fact that I love all the seasons and I do, but I feel something for summer that I don't for the other three. I have always appreciated it more than any other time of the year. Walking outside into the warmth of the sun is something that I have always cherished.

In exactly one month today I will be taking my last exam and packing up and going home. One month. I know it will go by incredibly fast. It won't be long until the real summer nights.


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