Monday, April 29, 2013

Girl, That Was So Uncool

I am now 19. Now I can proceed haha.

I had a great weekend and a nice birthday with family that I loooooove. After eating cake I opened up some presents and cards. E had complained that my dad hadn't gotten her a birthday gift last month for her birthday so he went out and bought us both something earlier in the day. We were each presented with an itunes gift card and some chocolate! Today when my mom took me back to school I waited until after I studied to use my gift card that I was so excited about. I had all sorts of songs in mind that I wanted for summer. I noticed the card was strange because it didn't have the scratch off part on, the numbers were just exposed as if someone had already done it. Also, there was a space where the third to last number should be. I tried redeeming it but the number kept being invalid. I finally called my dad to see if the card was somehow different than the others I had gotten a while back. He didn't really get why it wasn't working and why it was already scratched off. Then I suggested he ask E to see if her gift card was working. And that's when the story came out.

Apparently the gift cards had a sticker over the number instead of a scratch off so when E peeled hers off a number (or letter) came off with it. Instead of just telling my dad and going up to the store to get a new one like a normal person she decided to take mine while I was unaware and enjoying my party. So she put hers back on the little paper thing they come on, made it seem as though it hadn't been touched and went along her merry way. Today while she was home from school with a "stomach ache" she used my giftcard and that was that. IAMSOMAD.

I was so looking forward to those new songs and now I have to wait until Friday to go and get my card figured out back home. It also really makes me sad that E is this way. So selfish. I know I don't really go into it too much on here but she really does need prayers. It is becoming increasingly evident that she truly only cares about making herself happy.

Ahh well, that was my Monday drama. Here's to a better week.

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