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Word Wednesday

Writing prompt: Write about your summer memories.

I love this prompt! I'm going to go through all my summers (so far) and try and recollect what memorable things happened in each one.

Ages 0-5: I have plenty of memories from ages 2 onward but not specific to summer memories. I do know that I loved to ride on my favorite toy named Cappy. I scooted down the driveway with Cappy nearly every day. We got a pool when I was 5 I think and I learned to swim that summer.

Age 6: Went to the beach house with my dads side of the family. Had the time of my life splashing around in the pool and jacuzzi. My cousins and I though that we had actually found pirate coins but in actuality our uncle had planted them there for us. My other uncle made "Tropical Drinks" AKA delicious smoothies served in half a coconut with little umbrellas pretty much whenever we asked for them! I had my green and yellow tie die bathing suit and I got so tan. My sister and I both got hermit crabs during that vacation, mine was named Shelly and lived about a week. M's was named Hermie and he lived for years.

Ages 7 and 8: These were truly golden summers, my mom was still a SAHM and we had pool passes to our community pool that was within walking distance from our house. We would set out there nearly every morning and set up our towels, food and beach bags in this little shaded corner near the baby pool. The "soccer moms" always got there before us and they would take over all of the lounge chairs, when one of them would leave I would pounce and grab a chair and drag it over to our spot. My mom would pack sandwiches and fruit for us, occasionally we would get to go to the snack stand and by an ice cream bar or candy. I loved swimming, going down the water slide and jumping off the diving board. I had my blue and white Speedo one piece bathing suit that I though looked SO cool.

Age 9: This was the first summer that my dads side of the family and I went to a resort in Canada. On our drive there, we stopped at C's house (C is my dads cousins daughter), they were living in a different state at the time and we got to spend a few days staying with them. It was SO MUCH FUN, we hung out in their tree house, walked around their small town and went swimming. One we got to the resort we all had "cabins" but they were pretty much like hotel rooms in a house. I loved it there, the food was amazing. It was buffet style for breakfast and dinner and the choices were seriously out of this world. For lunch a worker would go around by the pool, beach or boating station, take down orders and bring your food to you. During the day I would swim and order non alcoholic strawberry daiquiri from the bar by the pool area. Or my sister, parents and I would rent a paddle boat, canoe, sail boat or kayak and boat around the lake. There were fishing contests (so much fun) and sandcastle contest too. The prize was always these funky suckers. We also participated in wasping, it was so much fun to get pulled around the lake on a giant float! At night there was entertainment at the big cabin, there was a guitarist, piano player, kids band and talent show to go and see. I had this two piece blue "undersea" bathing suit with fish on it, it had a skirt too that I loved. Before we left I bought a souvenir spoon that I had been eying in the gift shop and thus my spoon collection began!

Age 10: We went back to the resort again and this time I had even more fun! M and I decided to participate in the kids activities that they offered. We went to the arts and crafts cabin where I almost had a heart attack when a bee got in. We went to movie night and a nature hike and developed a crush on a counselor named Keith. Twice during the week they offered water skiing, I missed the little lesson they had given on the first day but decide to give it a go on the second. The rental skis were too big on me but I tried anyway, I fell right away but didn't know to let go of the handle...I got dragged for a good 30 seconds! M tried and did pretty good and I really wanted to go again, a nice family let me borrow their smaller skis and I was off! I stayed up the entire time. It was awesome. On the last night they had a big kids party. We could choose to participate in the princess fashion show or the survivor challenge. E did the fashion show but M and I opted to do the challenge. We had to hold logs over our heads for as long as we could handle and bob for gummy worms in a big bowl full of chocolate milk (ew, not something I would do now). It was a lot of fun, we went into the big entertainment cabin and all the parents joined us to watch the fashion show. E looked really cute with her plastic jewelry and lip gloss. This was the summer I got my favorite bathing suit of all time. It was a brilliant sky blue two piece with a stripe and white hibiscus flower on the top and a similar flower on the back of the bottoms, it had white straps and a white hem on the bottoms.

Age 11: Undoubtedly my favorite summer of all time. For the first half I was in day camp with my best friend. I LOVED camp, we played sports, swam, did arts and crafts and took field trips once a week. I got soooo tan from being outside and swimming int the chlorine bleached my hair. This was also the summer that we got a new bigger pool. I would come home from a full day at camp and go right back in the water. I still had my favorite bathing suit. I became best friends with C in July and we hung out all the time with her sister L and M. Our families became close and we often hung out, ordered pizza, made tacos and got ice cream. I would play outside with them from morning to dark. We all got really into the TV show "Brat Camp" and would get together each week to watch it together. For the finale we had an ice cream sundae night. I remember swinging on the swing set a lot that summer and doing gymnastics on the front lawn. We also went to the huge amusement park for the first time and I got really into roller coasters.

Age 12: This was an interesting summer because I had just had surgery in May and it was the first summer that both of my parents were working. Every morning M would ride E up to day camp (the same one I had previously gone to but was now too old) and I would wait at home because I wasn't allowed to ride my bike yet. I was really scared to stay home alone so every day I would watch The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and pick up where I left off the next day. It was totally a comfort thing and the movie still has a way of calming me down. My favorite bathing suit had worn a whole in it so I had to get a new one in the same style that was light green and blue tie die. I hated putting it on though because my back was still numb. I don't think I swam that much, honestly on the days my mom was at work M and I would watch TV a lot. We had a line up of shows, The Brady Bunch, Animal Miracles, Full House...etc. We weren't allowed to go in the pool without a parent present so we vegged inside a lot. Of course C came over all the time and that was a source of fun. We took a few small trips that summer, one to a little town on a lake and another to a nearby island. When I look back at those pictures I'm amazing at how skinny I was. I lost so much weight and looked sick. At the end of the summer all of the cousins/second cousins were planning to go to a smaller theme park nearby, I was obviously not allowed to go on roller coasters yet so I wasn't going to go. At the last minute I decided to and C's mom promised to keep me safe :). I got to go on a few small rides and was just happy to be included, it was such a fun day. At the end of the summer C, L, M and I got really into the book The Outsiders, we talked about it nonstop. I won first place in the baking contest at my dads family reunion when I made a giant cookie decorated like a pizza.

Age 13: This summer was another one full of TV! I think I swam more this summer and I hung out with C more than ever. My family and I took a trip to Chicago which was a lot of fun. My family took L and C to the big amusement park and we stayed overnight, so fun.In August I got my hair cut really short and won 3rd place in the baking contest at my dads family reunion. I had my first bikini, it was orange on the bottom and the top at oranges on it.

Age 14: I honestly can't remember any defining moments from this summer, that makes me kind of sad. I'm sure I swam a good amount and I think we went to that island again for a day trip. At the end of the summer I went with a friend and L to the amusement park. My bathing suit this summer was a green bikini with shorts, it had white polka dots and was really cute.

Age 15: This was a really good summer, M graduated in June and we had a super fun party for her. It was at my grandpas house and it was a great time. I started going to my churches youth group on Friday nights. I went on a few trips with them. I played softball for the 6th year in a row. M got her license at the end of the summer which was very exciting. I had a pink and white polka dot bikini with a skirt.

Age 16: Probably my 2nd best summer! I swam so much and got really tan. M and I were always in our pool, floating or swimming. We went to the beach a lot and took our big trip to CA. I helped out at a party for my favorite family My cousin had a baby, my other cousin had a baby. My sisters and I went up to Dairy Queen all the time to by chocolate cones with sprinkles. So good. I got my license in June and hit two parked cars by was bad but turned out alright. M, E and I also went to this dollar movie theater a lot, we saw probably close to one movie a week. Summer 2010 was awesome!

Age 17: Not a good summer. The weather was just blah so I didn't get to swim a lot and we really didn't do anything. I hung out with C of course but I spent a lot of days cleaning the house and sitting around doing nothing at all. My parents were too busy fixing up the house across the street for my CA granny and it just consumed everything.

Age 18: Click here to read about that summer.

Wow that was long and took me awhile to write!


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