Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Truth Tuesday

Q: How is dance class going? You haven't posted about it in awhile!
A: Dance is going really well! Some days I don't feel like going at all but I know it's great excessive. Currently we're working on some more difficult combinations involving rolls and turns.

Q: So the problem with your eyes was your contacts? I'm confused. 
A: There was some sort of error when my dad ordered my last supply of contacts. For some reason I had the wrong prescription and the specialist I went to in December and January failed to notice.

Q: What exactly is your job and do you work currently?
A: I'm a nurses assistant in a maternity unit at a hospital near my home where both of my parents work. I love my job but it's too hard for me to work during regular school weeks. I'll be working over spring break and during the summer.

Q: It's too bad you got so sick, were you able to catch up? 
A: I'm pretty much all caught up now, it was pretty stressful at first but things are back to normal for the most part.

Q: Are you still in a Bible study?
A: Yes, I missed a lot this semester due to being too tired or not feeling well. I really enjoy going though and I'll be there tonight.

Q: Who is your better friend, C or L? 
A: I'm close to them in different ways, C is the friend that I've had the longest and she probably knows me best.

Q: I can tell you're excited about the BEACH HOUSE this summer :)
A: Oh gosh yes. I can't wait. It is literally my motivation and light at the end of the tunnel!


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