Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Breaker

Hey there, the season has officially transitioned to spring. This is making me very pleased. Although the weather around here isn't exactly spring-y yet, it will be soon and I cannot wait to pull out some of my beloved spring/summer clothes. Especially my romper.

This week has been adequate. Of course instead of looking forward to tomorrow being my last day before break and the week I'll have off, I'm just getting nervous and dreading working. To clarify, I am only working 3 days, a total of 24 hours total. Yep, I'm a baby and I know it. I just get myself worried and stressed out that the nurses will be mean to me, I'll forget how to do things, the shift will be too long...blah blah blah. I call myself out on my inner-whining all the time. I know that working is actually a really good thing. For one, I'll be making money and it's also important that I keep coming back over breaks so that they won't forget about me and I'll have an easy time starting up for real in teh summer. It's a really good job and most of the time I like what I do. There is a lot of variety and different tasks so it doesn't really get boring. The patient interaction is nice as well, that's something that I really love about the healthcare field. Of course, the cute newborns only add to the appeal.

I really don't have much planned over the little break. I'll probably just hang around the house and organize my room, go to the movies, go shopping and attend the last two choir practices before our big Easter performance. I'm soooo looking forward to it. Of course, E's birthday is on Good Friday this year so I'm not sure how we'll be celebrating. There is a church service that night that we always go to so we'll either do something before or after that. I'm really excited for Easter, it's always been one of my favorite holidays, it is so joyous and such a time of celebration. After the church service we'll be going to my grandpas house and celebrating with my moms side of the family. I have three younger girl cousins who are between ages 9-11, I haven't seen them since Christmas Eve! My three older cousins now have 4 children between them and they are all 2 years old and under! Baby overload and I love it!!

Anyway...that's about all I can ramble about for now. I'm going to go watch Law and Order SVU with a friend in a few minute and then I'll have to come back up to my room and pack for break! I don't think I've mentioned that we've gotten an Amazon Instant Video account and it has 4 season of America's Next Top can you say dream come true?? I loooove that show, my mom and I used to watch it together every week. It's so weird to watch seasons that came out in 2006 and remember watching them as a 13 year old. I miss those days but I have to remind myself that these days are good too. It's all about having a positive attitude and truly appreciating every blessing.

I'll be posting over break, I won't disappear!


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