Monday, March 4, 2013

Memory Monday

Today I'm going to write about a memory that is actually rather recent in the grand scheme of things but it's a memory none the less!

Two and a half years ago my family and I took a trip to California to visit family and explore the state. The day before we left was one that I'll never forget. We all woke up early to pack but ended up being all done before noon. After my dad left for work we were all just buzzing around the house and driving my mom a little crazy! So M and I decided to escape to the movies. we saw Charlie St. Cloud and although it wasn't excellent, it was memorable and fun. When we got home we gathered on the chairs in the backyard because my mom promised that she would paint all of our nails before the trip. I got mine painted silver.The day was overcast but warm. I was the first one done so I went back inside and watched the Hawaii episode of Modern Family and ate a chocolate Nature Valley granola bar (my favorite). We didn't really have any food in the house so my mom had us run out and get some Mexican take out for dinner. SO GOOD. This was during the time that M and I (and a lot of times my mom too) were watching the whole series Party of Five. My mom had watched it when it was airing on TV and she suggested it to us. The only way to stream it at the time was through Youtube so we had to watch on the main computer in our living room. On this night, like so many others, I was laying on the leather couch, my mom on the futon and M on the floor. The episodes were divided into parts and whenever one ended whoever shouted "You!!" first didn't have to get up and put on the next part. I pretty much always won. :) I remember going up in my room quickly to put on my pajamas and while I was there my moms friend dropped off her air mattress for us to borrow and bring with us in case we needed it in one of the hotels or my grandmas house. After the episode was over (we were in the fourth season) we watched one more and then went off to bed, setting our alarms for 5:30 in order to get to the airport on time. I remember laying in my bed with my window open, listening the sounds of the summer night. I used to LOVE to do this, the sounds of the cars on the main road, the crickets and the rustling of the warm wind were like a lullaby to me. I can almost place myself right back in time. I was so excited for the vacation that it's amazing I even was able to fall asleep!

So there's my memory, it's a simple but good one. I think those are the best kind.

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