Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lars's Bad Day

This is Lars:
My beloved laptop
I received Lars for Christmas just two years ago. Right from the start I called him Lars, I don't know why but it fits. I'm one of those weird people who like to name their electronic devices, don't judge. Yesterday morning I was struggling to get the cap off of my milk, I finally loosened it and then it sort of slipped out of my hands onto my desk. It didn't fall and spill, it just bounced once and milk shot out of the top. I often eat and watch Netflix so Lars was opened up. Some milk (really not a lot) got on his keyboard. Frantically I wiped it off with paper towels then I used these special keyboard wipes. Alas, when I tried to type windows started opening and noises were was a mess. I quickly turned the power off and removed the battery and charging cord. Then I rushed over to my ipad, Iris, to find out what to do. Yahoo answers told me that I should put it in rice...there is no rice here and no container big enough to fit Lars. So I wrapped the keyboard in paper towels and turned Lars upside down. I called my parents and my dad said to try and find a vacuum to use on the keyboard. My  mind flashed to the pump in the common room that is used for the air mattress. I put in the new batteries and suctioned the keyboard and also blew air onto it like the internet said. I let Lars sit overnight and then this morning my dad said to try and see if the damage was permanent. Praise God, it was not!! My Lars recovered like a champ. I am sooooo happy because I have a sort of bond with my laptop, I spend a lot of time on here and it would make me really sad to have to get another one.

Here's to the unstoppable Lars!

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