Sunday, March 3, 2013

I Want to Live All the Days of My Life

I came upon a post by another blog I follow, the author wrote about someone she was close to who truly lived every day of his life. No time was wasted, no day was meaningless. This really resonated with me. I spend so much time worrying and so much time doing a whole lot of nothing. Some days pass by and I really feel as if they were completely wasted. I do enjoy a good TV program and who doesn't like to relax on the couch?? But I have spent so much time this winter doing absolutely nothing. Recently there was an analogy that I heard at Bible study: What if you got 1440.00 dollars every day but you had to spend otherwise it would be gone by the next day? Of course you would choose to use it instead of waste it. Now apply it to time, we get 1440 minutes each day and they will be gone by tomorrow, do you really want to waste those minutes or do we want to make them count. I want to make them count!

One thing I have really realized lately is that life is short and there is nothing guaranteed. God has given me so many opportunities and I honestly feel like it would be a sin not to take advantage of them. I can sing? I should join the choir! I can learn? I should try my hardest to get good grades. I can walk? I should exercise and take care of my body. I can read? I should do this as much as possibly instead of watching TV.

I'm alive? I should LIVE.

I can't count how many hours I have spent worrying and fretting this semester, it is so pointless. Whatever happens will happen and I can't change that. I should focus on the things I can change and take control of. One thing I have learned since starting college is that I really can do well if I put time and effort into my classes. I just need to be totally committed and not worrying about silly little things. God has given me one life and one chance here on earth, I don't want to waste it. I truly want to live every day, every hour and every minute of my life. Instead of surfing the internet I want to shut my computer and do some art, instead of watching netflix I want to turn of my iPad and read or study. Instead of laying around I want to do situps or ride my bike when the weather gets nice. Instead of sitting around doing absolutely nothing I want to engage in conversation and make new friends.

Instead of worrying I want to focus on the here and now and this day, this hour, this minute.


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