Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Tuesday List

  1. I finally am reading a new book. I feel absolutely terrible that I've done so poorly thus far but I figure that I'll catch up over the summer when there will be plenty of idle time. 
  2. We went shopping on Friday night but I have yet to find a "brightly colored blouse" to wear for Easter choir. 
  3. TV is currently making me very happy. We got Amazon Prime so now I have access to America's Next Top Model and Party of Five. Woo! M and I are going to watch POF all over again and I'm super psyched, I love that show so much. And in the midst of all the excitement I am still tring to watch all of Monk. 
  4. I'm not going to Bible study tonight, it sounds awful but I just don't feel like leaving my room. And there is a guest speaker so I'm afraid I'll fall asleep, I woke up at 5:30 and didn't get a nap in so it's really entirely possible. 
  5. I'm really hoping to see C this weekend. I haven't seen her in a month and I haven't actually hung out with her in 2 months...that's just crazy. C's the type of friend that I can pick up with after any amount of time though. The best case scenario is that C comes with M and I to see Side effects (finally) on Saturday night. 
  6. The semester is officially over half way over! I couldn't believe when I heard that. Time has flown, before I know it it will be May. 
  7. Dairy Queen's, "buy one blizzard get one for 99 cents" deal was much appreciated by me over the weekend. I got one "french silk pie" on Saturday and an oreo banana on Sunday. Yum. 
  8. I'm still in a hair cutting dilemma. I really do enjoy my long hair but I'm the kind of person that never really maintains a hairstyle. If it's short, I'm growing it. If it's long, I'm cutting it to donate. Honestly that's the pattern I've been in since I was in Elementary school. I'm thinking I may cut it after Easter, the one driving force is that it's very heavy and I'd like to be able to pull it back easier. 
  9. Dance Moms has a 2 hour episode tonight...ahem...possibly another perk in staying home from Bible study but not the main reason, I promise. 
  10. I have a lot to do in the next 2 1/2 hours...I better get started. 

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