Friday, February 8, 2013

Why I'm Not a Fan of February

I suppose there is nothing exactly wrong with February. It's not like it holds any bad memories for me, other than being the month my beloved guinea pig died in 2006...

But seriously, something about February is slightly dull and depressing. I'm tired of winter by this point, very tired of it. There's only one holiday and it's Valentines Day, not exactly a day of f-u-n if you have no one to l-o-v-e. I mean I have plenty of people of people who love me but you know, not in that way. I don't really expect to get a dozen roses from my parents or a heart shaped box full of chocolate from my grandma. But I digress...

I want spring and I REALLY want summer. I just keep imagining all of the things I'm look forward to sooooo much. I'll make a little list so that in May when I'm done with school I can look back and smile really big:
  1. Memorial Day weekend. My favorite weekend out of the year. For my entire life we have gone to my grandpas on Memorial day to watch the parade near his house. My moms side of the family all comes and we cook out and hang outside for the entire day. 
  2. C is graduating! I'll get to go see her graduate and attend her graduation party, along with my other cousins party. I love grad parties. 
  3. VBS week!! I was really sad because the week we're going on vacation fell on the week that my church normally holds VBS but some miracle it got moved this year to the end of June!!
  4. Beach house vacation in July, I am beyond excited for this. Family, swimming, beach, hot tub, huge doesn't get any better. 
  5. Birthdays! C's sister L's bday is at the beginning of the summer and both of my cousins babies turn three in July/August, then in the middle of August little K of my favorite family turns one!!! 

If only I could fast forward three months...


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