Friday, February 1, 2013

Photo Friday

Today I am longing for spring, past memories and that leads me to post this picture:
M and I made this cake for E when she turned 12. Our oven wasn't working so Mrs. D of my favorite family offered for us to come over to her house and use hers, this was right after she told us she was pregnant and I was sooooo excited. She aided us in our cake baking and while we waited we sat around and talked. I love her so much :) I'm so thankful that God put her and her family into my life. So as I long for spring I am reminded that there is really only a few more months and then ti will be E's birthday which is right a the beginning of the season, I long for old memories with some great people but I know that there are always good times ahead. And last, as I yearn for some cake...I take comfort in the fact that I will most likely get to eat some this weekend.


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