Monday, February 11, 2013

Memory Monday: A Love Letter to my Grandma

After I had surgery my granny from out of town stayed with us for about 4 weeks. For two weeks after surgery my mom got off from work, after that it was just me and my out of town granny alone, all day. I need to be honest when I say that I was not a fan of hers during that time, I hadn't really spent much time with her growing up so I felt kind of invaded having her around for such a personal time in my life. It sounds awful but I was glad when she went home. After she left though, M was still in school for another week and I couldn't stay home alone. So my other grandma, my dads mom, who I am much closer to came every day to "watch me".

For some reason my whole atmosphere and persona changed once my favorite grandma started coming, I actually felt really peaceful and calm. I remember one particular day that I think about often.

It was early June and the weather was getting warm, the sun was out so my grandma suggested that we take a little walk to my Uncles house and sit on his back deck for a while. My Uncle lived right down the street at this point in time and had the most beautiful backyard so I agreed. Grandma urged me to bring a book along, I took The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants which I hadn't read yet but is now a favorite of mine. We both sat in the wrought iron lawn chairs and read under the warm sun. After a little bit I think I requested a milkshake :), at the time I was pretty much allowed to eat whatever sugary thing I wanted because I had lost so much weight. My out of town granny had let me get ice cream treats from McDonalds nearly every day. But my grandma said that she would go inside my uncles house (he is her son so she had a spare key) and make me a banana milkshake with vanilla ice cream. To this day that was the best milkshake I've ever tasted.

Spending that week with my grandma was sort of like a sacred time for me, she knows me so well and she literally provided me with just the care I needed. I love her so much and I'll never forget these cherished memories. To this day I remain very close with her, she, M and I go to the movies, and just hang out in her apartment. She is the reason that I am a writer as she passed on her talents to me and supports me in all that I do. At 86 years old she is still sharp and active, I am so blessed that God has put her in my life.


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