Friday, February 15, 2013

It's the Middle of February!

Holla!!!!! Half way through February means just over a month until SPRING!

Alright so I have a 4 day weekend ahead and C's school play is tonight and I'm so excited. She's a senior so this is her last production, I've loved seeing her onstage so much in the past 3 years.

School I'm still struggling with motivation, which is not a good thing. I make my flashcards but I never feel like studying's bad. I know I need to find some way to keep going strong because I really want to do well this semester. It's only my Anatomy and Physiology class and lab that have me worried. My other classes aren't difficult for which I am very thankful!

My dad is coming to pick me up at 12:30, which means I'll have about 35 minutes after my last class to chill. I've been watching the TV series Monk on amazon and I love it. I'm on the fourth season and totally hooked. Of course it was recommended to me by M and it is a great example of a TV show that appeals to adults but doesn't have sex or real violence in it. Let's see, what else? Huh, nothing really interesting to report, I donned my red and pink yesterday for Love Day and ended up dying of heat stroke in dance class because my only red shirt is long sleeved. At least I was festive.

Happy Friday!


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