Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Four Day Weekend Recap

My dad came and picked me up around 12:30, I ate some lunch at home before M got back from her college and then we went to look at boots for her before we had to get our mom from work. Then E called us saying that she and her friend were ready to get picked up from Starbucks. E has a lot of friends bu this particular girl is so sweet and polite and she is a Leukemia survivor, such a great girl! After we went and picked up mom we headed to look at more boots *SNORE* for M. She found some that she liked but in typical M fashion she couldn't decide to buy them or not so we just left. Before C's show we ordered a pizza and hurried to get there in time. The school C goes to is private and pretty swanky, their shows are usually phenomenal, this one was not. C was AWESOME though so it was totally worth it. I congratulated her afterward and told her how much I missed her. She is always so excited and grateful when I come see her perform. When we got home I watched House with M, this is an old favorite show of ours but M really loves it and right now she is recording and watching all the episodes that come on TV. I love the show for it's medical aspects but also for it's intensity and comedy. Hugh Laurie is amazing.

I woke up kind of early on Saturday because I had to take a shower, we didn't really have much planned earlier on in the day but that evening was our Churches winter fun fest. I was pretty excited since its held in a heated lodge nearby. My mom was participating in the chili cook off competition so M and I left to buy her ingredients and also buy M those darn boots. I bought a summer dress...oh it is torturing me to see all of my sundresses hanging in the laundry room ever day. I can't wait to wear them. When we got home I helped my mom chop onions for the chili and I made some cornbread to go with it. We finally got to the fest around 5 there was a great turnout, right after my mom put her chili down on the competition table they started asking questions for door prizes. First there was a prize for the tallest person in the room and then the shortest (over 18) of course I won that prize!! I got a lovely picture frame with a verse on it. We ate, mingled and listened to a few testimonies. Finally it was time for the chili winners to be announces, my mom won!! None of us could believe it, we knew that her chili was good but not first prize good! She won a good amount of gift cards, it was awesome. When we got home we watched the movie Ordinary People, it was sad but very good.

We went to church on Sunday, was always and we ended up staying after and talking for a while. E and I signed up for the Easter choir, practices are on Sundays which pretty much keeps me at home for every weekend for the next month. I don't mind ;). After church I had to go into work to do some competency testing for nurses assistants. OH MY GOSH, IT WAS AWFUL. I kept getting mixed signals as to what I had to do and then I failed my restraint test. Thank God that my supervisor was there to save me and explain that I had not had much experience yet. Oh man, it was sooooo stressful. When I got home I helped my mom make dinner and we all ate at the table together, it was nice and relaxing. While my dad and sisters watched Once Upon a Time, my mom and I hung out and she read and I studied. After awhile we turned on the TV and watched a Monk episode that I'd already seen and loved. Before bed I watched more House with M, good times.

I slept in a little on Monday and failed at making french toast. I added a bit too much milk and a tiny bit of lemon extract instead of vanilla...ooops. I ate granola instead. I went with my parents to pick out a new couch, we have had the same couch/ottoman/chair set for nearly 14 years. They are literally the exact same age as E as they were delivered the day she was born! So we arrived at the furniture store in hopes of finding a sectional with more seating than we have now. We picked out a good one but my parents are still deciding on the color. I really liked being apart of the decision. We had to hurry home because E had off for presidents day and I had promised her that I would take her to the movies. We went to see Safe Haven, I am NOT a Nicholas Sparks fan so I didn't love it but it was a fun time and it kept my attention so I can't complain. My dad had to go to work and my mom went to the gym so us three sisters decided to go out to eat at a restaurant that has cheap burgers on Monday. YUM. We of course had fun together and watched House when we got home...what else would we do??

M had been begging me to go to school with her for the past couple years so I finally agreed. I like her campus and her classes weren't too boring. I even got to correct her in Biology, ha. It was fun though and she was happy to have me. I made a big lunch when we got home, E had come home form school sick with  fever so we all kind of lounged around and ate Popsicles. It reminded me of when I was little. That night my parents and M had Bible study so I had to stay home with sick E. We watched Americas Funniest Home Videos. Before bed M and I watched more was a very TV weekend.

Happy Hump Day


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