Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A New Saga Begins

I have failed to mention that I signed up for Modern Dance this semester. It may seem like a crazy decision seeing as I was hardly a Jazz prodigy. But folks, this is what they call perseverance and dedication. And sheer stupidity.

As I walked to my first day of class today, it hardly felt as though it had been over a month since I was there. My jazz final is still imprinted upon my brain. From the backward pirouettes to the embarrassing partner work with Denzel, sometimes I am haunted by the memories.

Anyway, as soon as I walked into the studio (a different studio that still looked very much the same) I noticed highschoollookalike, she waved at me and we exchanged pleasantries. Still, we're not really friends. I sat next to some nice girls who are premed, I didn't feel in-superior or anything. Finally, the teacher comes in, she is a short figure dressed in all black with short, spiked red hair, tied up in a bandana, Rosie the Riveter style. For a moment I can't place where I've seen her before and then I remember. When Tall Girl dislocated her shoulder, we were hustled into a different studio. When we arrived there was a girl there (who I now realize was actually just a woman who looked ridiculously like a teenager), she had a bandana and little red pigtails. She had commanded that we get back to dancing, even in the wake of Tall Girl's tragedy. That was my teacher I guess.

They say that first impressions are not always correct. When I first met my dance teacher I found her to be a pushy and somewhat arrogant being. Today when I met my dance teacher for the second time I found her to be a pushy and somewhat arrogant being.

In her words, "I am an awesome instituter and you will love this class. I have gotten no bad review."

Well now, don't speak too soon.

The first thing that she says is that her nickname is the same as her hair color and if we ever forget what to call her we can just look at her hair and remember. That won't work for me because I'm certain that I will end up calling her "tacky". But, for the sake of the blog, she will now be refereed to as Red.

As we huddle up in the front of the room Red tells us that this semester we will move our bodies in ways that we never though possible. We will be pushed and worked hard. Her motivational speaking skills are actually quite excellent because I only considered dropping the class a few times. We go through the syllabus quickly, Red says that by the end we will all have prefect posture. Everyone sat up a little straighter after that, but not me, I'd had a long day. The girl in front of me pipes up and compliments the teacher on her excellent posture, twice.  It was hard for me to be annoyed by her because she was wearing some sort of sweater jacket that had a long triangle hood like a wizards cap, this makes her endearing.

Before setting us loose Red decides to tell us a bit about herself. By this I mean that she spends the next few minutes bragging. Apparently Red has her own dance company,. Red has performed all over the country and even went to Austria last year. She has a bachelors and masters degree and holy-wow, the woman is in her thirties. She looks 18, seriously.

As I was trying to figure out how Red managed to not age, she says that she will see us on Thursday on which we will dance.

Hopefully I won't fail this course, Red only mentioned one method of extra credit and I presume she was joking. Extra points will be given to the student who decides to spike their hair. Yeah, that's where I draw the line. And that folks, is called dignity.


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