Sunday, December 16, 2012

'Tis the Season

For electrical fires??

I had a pretty hardcore picture to upload of my charred outlet but alas, it did not work. Long story short, my plastic wall outlet went up in flames right before my eyes. It was TERRIFYING! Thank goodness it went out be itself and didn't spread.

In other news...

The house is completely decorated! I am so in the Christmas spirit right now, I don't want the season to end.

I started back at work yesterday and everything went really well. A lot of people remembered me and I didn't expect that at all, I always though that I went unnoticed. I'm working again tomorrow morning and I'm actually looking forward to it. I really do like my job a lot. Not a lot of people can say that!

This week is going to be reaallly busy, here's what is on the agenda:

Monday: Work until 11, Christmas shop with my mom.
Tuesday: Visit high school with L, visit family friends, go to E's band concert.
Wednesday: Christmas shopping all day with my sisters.
Thursday: Work until 11, wrap gifts.
Friday: Clean/prepare for Christmas party all day and party at night.
Saturday: Family party in the evening.
Sunday: Church and last minute preparations!

Wooo I can't wait for all this fun stuff.

Happy Sunday!

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