Monday, December 3, 2012

The Post in Which I Release My Worries

Currently, I am nervous about a lot of things. Writing about it usually helps so I'm going to take a moment and release some stress:
  1. I'm really nervous about checking of of my residence hall. I don't have any finals during the actual finals week so I'm done on Friday. Only the thing is, they only have sign ups for check outs beginning on the 11th. Of course I was freaking out and thinking I was going to have to hang around here for 4 days after my exams are over. I talked to an RA and he talked to the head of our hall and she said that it was ok to check out early if I get my paperwork early and to take to my RA. So I texted my RA and she said that she would give me the details after her meeting tonight. It seems like it'll all work out and I'll be able to leave on schedule but I'm so worried that it won't. 
  2. My roommate is moving in after I leave for my appointment tomorrow. I have to finish clearing out my room tonight and I'm nervous about the whole thing. To be completely honest I'm a lot more concerned about losing my extra space then I am about actually living with someone. Lame, I know but it's been great having two desks, two beds and room to spread out my stuff. I know this sounds really selfish and in the grand scheme of things it's not a huge deal. I know all this but I guess I'll just miss it. As far as my actual roommate goes, she's really cool and I think we'll be good friends but I'm worried that we'll be on different schedules. I get really annoyed when my sleep is disrupted so I really hope she isn't a later night kind of person. 
  3. I'm really nervous about my exams. My Anatomy Lab exam is tomorrow and I've really put a lot of effort into studying and trying to really hammer the material into my brain. It's going to be hard, I know that much, I just hope I can at least pull of a B. My Anatomy class exam is Friday and I'm worried because it's on a lot of stuff and it's very complicated and in depth. And of course, I am the most nervous about my statistics exam on Friday as well. It's over so much material and I'm afraid of failing it. I don't know how well I'm doing in that class, which makes me extra anxious. My ultimate fear is that I'll fail the class. 
  4. Mine and L's Christmas party is causing me some trouble too. Not even because I'm afraid of hosting but because I realized that it's on the day that the world is supposed to end. I really don't believe that it's true but I guess I just get nervous. Anyway, my parents said that they'll clear out during the party which means they won't be with me if...oh Lord. I have bashed people who believed in this crap about the apocalypse, I don't really honestly believe it but again, I'm an irrational worrier. 
Alright, if you want to count the number of times that the words, nervous, worry and fear appeared in this post feel free. I'm sure it's a pretty high number.


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