Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Recap

Wooo, it's been a week since I posted! Better late than never though, here's my recap:

Christmas Eve I woke up sick...with a cold. I was SO mad I could barely think straight. I had tried everything in my power to avoid getting sick. Oh well. I relaxed around the house until about 1 when we had to start getting ready to go over my aunt and uncles house.

When we arrived, most people were already there because we're always late! My moms side of the family has grown tremendously over the past 5 years so there were a lot of people on the whole. I greeted everyone and ate some appetizers, actually I ate too much because I wasn't even hungry for dinner. After dinner we went to the Christmas Eve service at our church, it's always such a nice time. We lit candles and sang carols. We went back to my aunts house afterward and opened gifts and the adults did their gift exchange. I really wasn't feeling well so I hung out upstairs for awhile.

\When we got home I snuggled on my favorite couch for awhile and then went down to bed. I had no trouble sleeping because I was SO tired and didn't feel well. I woke up feeling slightly worse, as I had expected. I've had enough colds to recognize the pattern. My older sister and I went to my younger sisters room to hang out with her before we went to open presents with my parents downstairs.

Christmas morning was such  nice time, my family has been very blessed this year. I especially loved giving the gifts that I had bought. I like giving much better than receiving. After a few hours some family stopped over but my mom and I couldn't really visit because she still had to finish up her project for the gift exchange at my uncles house that day. On my dads side of the family we make gifts for a gift exchange, everyone is pretty creative so they always come out really cool. My mom was making this awesome mirror and finished it just in time.

When we arrived at my uncles, I greeted my family and chatted for awhile. Then it was time for dinner, my sisters and I ate at the "kids table" with my four other cousins. None of us are really kids but oh well. After dinner my aunt brought over a set of jacks and I played for awhile, I got up to "sevensies" now I want my own set!

The gift exchange was nice, I ended up with just what I wanted, a framed picture that my cousin had taken on her trip to Ireland, it is really breathtaking. After the exchange we opened up these predictions/goals that we had all written the year before. Not many of them had come true, but mine had. It was all about being happy in college and blah blah blah. We wrote new ones and I can't wait until next year to read those, time will fly by just like it always does.

Everyone was really tired so we didn't end up playing a game or singing songs. I went straight to bed when I got home. It was a very nice Christmas but I just wish I hadn't been sick!


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