Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: A Year in Review

Dance Moms premiers for season 2. I write my last post for nearly six months! I celebrate my moms birthday and take my very last set of high school exams.

I begin work as an intern at the hospital alongside L and some other high school friends. Valentines day comes and goes, my sister and I make predictions and bet on the Oscars. The Artist wins best picture and I am sorely disappointed. I get really tired of winter...and make my final college choice.

I begin to prepare for my senior project and scramble around for signatures and recommendations. E turns 13 and I buy her 13 presents and take her to see The Hunger Games.

My last full month of high school starts and I am both sad and excited. My doggy turns 4 and I buy her a new collar! I celebrate Easter with my family. I turn 18 and sister and L throw me a surprise birthday dinner at my favorite restaurant!

I have my last day of high school and document it extensively with pictures. I begin my senior project at the elementary school that I used to attend. I receive my cap and gown. I go to weekly meetings back at high school to check in with my adviser/favorite English teacher. I go to prom! Senior project ends and I work on my final presentation that I must present in front of the committee. I go to my senior banquet and literally have the best time of my life.

I graduate and return to blogging! I return to work as a full fledged Nurse Assistant! I write my summer goals. I have the best time at my graduation party!

Vera Bradley scares the heck out of me! I celebrate the fourth of July at the pool with M and go see Brave that night. I work at my churches VBS. I work...a lot. My family and I go on vacation. I go to my favorite amusement park with L and C! I begin to really worry about college. I do my own coverage on the Olympics.

I have a very funny day. I start to give my college worries to God. I get my hair cut...a little bit. I decide to overcome a habit. I read and review The Hunger Games. I attend my cousins wedding. As summer comes to an end I evaluate and revisit my summer goals. I move into my college dorm. I start Jazz class and the saga begins.

I experience my first fire alarm. C turns 17 on the day that our nation remembers September 11th. My eyes start to give me trouble. I spend an agonizing weekend alone. I begin Bible Study on campus. My relationship with God grows.

I go home for the weekend and reunite with L and C. After much thought I decide to change my major. I write and celebrate my 100th blog post! I decorate my room for fall. I anticipate Taylor Swifts new album and buy it right away!! For the first time I write about my back. I ace my anatomy midterm!! To relieve stress, I begin doing art and right before Halloween I decide to eat healthier.  I celebrate my half birthday and enjoy Halloween with my family.

This is the month in which I blog more than every before! I get extremely annoyed with all of the political drama, and decide that I despise politics. On election day M turns 22. I overcome my habit after three months! I make hundreds of flashcards and nearly drown in them. I do week of thanks and go home for a memorable Thanksgiving.

I have my much anticipated eye appointment but don't leave with many answers. I buy my tickets to Taylor Swifts concert!! I go home for break and slack on blogging a bit. The world doesn't end on December 21st. I get sick on Christmas Eve but still manage to have a good holiday.

So that's it! My 2012.
Here's to 2013!

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