Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Week of Thankfulness-Day SIx

At risk of sounding a bit shallow I'm just going to go right out and say it,
I'm thankful for technology!

The internet is awesome as far as I'm concerned, I can do all my research for papers online. I get to BLOG online, which I love. It's an easy way to stay connected with people and stay up to date with school work. Microsoft word is my playground and I am currently working on a story that is (gasp) about 30 pages long! Another great thing about the internet? Netflix, another one of my faves. Ahhhh I could write about the wonders of my laptop, Lars for hours. Maybe I should have made this whole post about him.

Let's move on to music devices, although I'm not a huge fan of my ipad, Iris, I love that I can easily download and listen to music all from the same player. Oh and I watch Netflix on my ipad a lot so obviously that's a perk.

And now we have TV. I really love TV, I'm not ashamed. For years I have been able to wind down from school or work by just laying on the couch and watching my shows. I even like to channel surf, I get joy from searching the guide and recording things. I'm weird like that. Movies too, I adore movies. In the theater, on my laptop, TV movies. All of it.

Now, to move toward more meaningful technology. I'm very thankful for all of the medical advances that are continually being made. Without technology I wouldn't have contacts and would be legally blind! Without technology I may have had to have spent a month in a body cast after my spinal fusion surgery. Going back even further, before the surgery even came about, I would have died from scoliosis eventually because my spine was twisting into my lungs. That's a really scary thought.

Technology is making so many great strides, I really hope that in my lifetime cancer will be cured. How awesome would that be???


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