Thursday, November 15, 2012

Week of Thankfulness-Day One

So, for the week leading up to Thanksgiving I want to take each day and focus on one thing that I am thankful for. Obviously I am thankful for more than 7 things but I'm only going to focus on the big stuff. They do NOT go in order of importance though. Day One is just as significant to me as Day Seven will be.


I am thankful for my health. Honestly, this has been something that I have thought about a lot lately. Sure, I've had my share of medical issues, but I am overall a very healthy girl. As I follow the stories of people who have not been blessed with such health, I come to appreciate this even more. I don't know how God chooses who will get a serious illness or injury and someday I may be chosen. Who knows? what I do know is that right now I am very thankful that I can get up in the morning, walk around, eat normally, learn easily enough. It is all so amazing that our bodies work so intricately to keep running smoothly.

Now, to talk about more minor health stuff, this has also been an area of huge milestone. I don't think I've ever gone this long without catching a cold! Honestly, I was going on a once-monthly record last year and it was awful. I HATE colds, they totally bring me down. How awesome is it that I haven't gotten one in this whole time at college? I kind of feel like I'm due for one soon but I'll keep praying otherwise.

Finally, I know that I mentioned awhile back that I was having some eye concerns. I go to the doctor on December 4th to try and figure it all out. It most likely isn't serious but it could be and that, of course, is a source of great anxiety and stress. I am giving those worries to God and thanking Him for the healthy body He has given me!


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