Monday, November 5, 2012

On Politics

I'll tell you how I feel about politics right off.

I despise them.

I feel that our political system is so flawed. The bashing, the immature and catty name calling...the fact that no one can agree on anything and thus nothing can get done. I can't stand how the party system is so divided. I wish that people could just be genuine and try to get along. I wish there was a candidate that I believed in, but there really isn't. I honestly don't feel comfortable with voting for either.

I will be SO happy when this election is over, I am so sick of the ads, phone calls, commercials....blah. You know what bugs me the most? How ridiculous people are about politics, it makes people mean, immature and extremely judgmental.

I'm done writing about it now. I don't want to get too angry.
(The end.)


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