Thursday, November 8, 2012

I Miss High School

There, I said it. And I'm not ashamed.

Don't take this post to mean that I am miserable here at college and long for my glory days. That's honestly not the case. I really do like it here, I just miss some things.

I had the BEST junior and senior year of high school, I was in an awesome post-secondary medical program and I made so many friends through it. we became like a family. That's when I met one of my best friends, I'll call her Lilly, Seriously, me and Lilly made the best memories together for our last two years of high school. We were a notorious best friend due and we were always making people laugh. Lilly is the reason that high school was so much fun, I don't think there is any person that I laughed with more than with her. She is so hilarious and fun. I wish we could have went to the same college but she was going into pharmacy and I was going into nursing and it just wouldn't have worked out. If she was here...I would be having a GREAT time instead of just a good time. Oh well. And my other friends, I miss them so much. The feeling of being surrounded by people you really loved and cared about was so comforting.

I used to hate school, really hate it. For a good five or six years. Junior year totally changed that and I began to enjoy it, to enjoy learning and being around my friends. I liked going to school, a lot. Sure, it stunk to have to wake up early and homework wasn't exactly fun but I knew that it was worth it and I didn't mind those things. I experienced the biggest turnaround, I went from a girl who spewed "I hate school" and "Why can't I just be home-schooled, why do I have to go??" to someone who said things like "I like school" and "I don't want to stay home" even when I didn't feel well. If I were to go back in time and ask my twelve year old self if I ever thought that I would like school, I surely would would have laughed and said no way.

What else do I miss about high school you ask??? The teachers! I had so many great teachers through my five years at high school (no I didn't get held back, my high school used to include 8th grade as well) especially my English teacher senior year. She was so awesome and I really miss her, we were friends! Even though he was a bit rough around the edges, I miss math teacher, we really did end up being friends just like I said in that post last year. I can't believe its been a year since I wrote some of those posts.

Finally, I just miss the high school building. It was SO familiar and comfortable to me. I easily knew where everything was and friendly faces were everywhere. I miss the calm feeling of walking through the halls during class to go to the bathroom or drop off a note, everything was vacant and quiet and I used to love reflecting on things in those halls. And the classrooms, my medical classroom where I spent the most time. It felt like home. 

I sometimes wonder if I'll ever have that kind of experience here. I hope I do, I hope I find some way to make a nice group of really good friends. I hope that the campus will feel like home. I hope that some teachers will impact my life.

Even if those things never quite come to be, one thing is still constant and I hope it always will be. I like school and I like learning. All thanks to my high school.


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