Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Thoughts

In list form!

  1. I'm going home right after Stats class, my friend K's dad is driving us both. I kinda wish that one of my parents could have came and got me. I like riding with them as opposed to someone else's dad, oh well. I should be glad that I have a ride home at all. 
  2. I'm going to give M her birthday present from me tonight! I'm so excited, my mom and I both pitched in for it and we ordered it last month. It's a Sawyer figurine from her FAVORITE shoe Lost. I know she's going to looooovvveee it. 
  3. Tonight is C's play, I can't wait to see her in it. She's a great actress and performer. I'm going to get her flowers. 
  4. After today there is only one full week left of school, then two days before Thanksgiving break. That's only 7 more days of school until the little break. 
  5. Wow, there is currently a Christmas themed commercial on my TV.  I'd like to be annoyed about the early advertising but I just love the season so much!
  6. I have an Anatomy and Physiology test today. I'm not sure that I studied enough, I hope it works out. 
  7. We started learning our final dance in Jazz yesterday. It's really fast but it's fun and high energy. It's to this song and I'm totally loving it. 
  8. I have to leave for my Stats lab (not class) very shortly and I'm not really looking forward to it. 
  9. I began Desperate Housewives Season Three yesterday. I'm not sure  how long it's been since I started. I thought that I'd be done with the 5th season by Christmas, but I feel like it will be before that. 
  10. I'm going to start working on my red and green paper Christmas chain soon. Exciting stuff. 

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