Friday, November 30, 2012

Blink! It's About to be December!

That was truly how November was for me. Possibly the fastest month I have experienced. It's truly amazing to how fast months seem to go, and weeks are even quicker. Crazy.

Onward! Let's review November...


Celebrated the end of election season...

...and my sisters birthday

Overcame a trial

Cheered C on in her play

Learned our dance in Jazz

Got bangs

Decided to move in with a girl on my floor

Began to feel more comfortable in my small group Bible study

Did my Week of Thankfulness

Made four pies with M

Celebrated Thanksgiving

Went Black Friday shopping

Began Christmas decorating and preparations

Started to feel insanely tired of this whole, "School Thing"

Blogged more than ever before! 

Sheesh, a lot happened and I don't even think I realized it. I'd say it was a good month overall. So, her's to December, may the Christmas season bring joy and blessings! I'm excited!


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