Monday, November 26, 2012


My mom drove me back this morning. She just left my dorm about 5 minutes ago. We had a really nice ride together. I miss her and could probably cry if I wanted to. Boy Meets World is on my TV so that makes me a little less sad.

Depending on when my Anatomy and Physiology lab final is, and I'll find out tomorrow, I may be going home for Christmas break as early as the 7th! Otherwise I will be home on the 11th which isn't too bad either :). My new roommate is moving in sometimes next week. I am excited about it but I will miss having my own room. Now I'm getting sad about that! I just want everything to work out.

I'm going to start decorating my room for Christmas today! I'm really excited for that. I brought some paper for a new red and green chain, some foam to make a big cut out tree and Santa hats and bows. Fun fun fun.

I have this statistics homework that I really don't want to do but I have to do it right now...

Signing off. I'll be posting again later to talk about my break.
Happy Monday!


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